Skin and bones. Self.

Dance with me ❤
Was für ein wunderschönes Wesen, sowohl äußerlich, aber eben gerade auch innerlich 🌸
I just LOVE the pictures of these guys! It was freezing cold, but they rocked it - So. In. Love.
Minea & Max 🌸
Beautiful @lis_who 🌿

H&M: @lisamiyuu
Now it's time again for a #quote 🌿
Snowsnowsnow ❄⛄ Nadine&Benni.
You're my favorite person to love, to miss, to be everything.

Your smile.

Diese beiden ❤
From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity. - Edvard Munch
Winterlove ❄⛄
Oh, wie ich dieses Bild liebe 💕
Sarah & Timo.
February '17 with @janacarolinajale
So in love with your smile.
W/ @dodo.and.coco
Back to these summer days.
With beautiful @lis_who - Make Up and hair made by awesome @lisamiyuu
Sarah & Timo.
These cuties 😍
Little rose.
w/ @lavidadeannasophia
You're my favorite person.
Deelia 🌿
Vor Kurzem durfte ich die wunderbare Monja ein zweites Mal vor meiner Kamera begrüßen, es ist mir jedes Mal wieder eine so große Freude mit dir ❤
Bridesmaids goal 💕

My beautiful @lavidadeannasophia 🌿
To the moon and back.
#quote #quoteoftheday
This morning with wonderful @deliliadnce 🌺
Denise & Harry 💕
Nina & Maxi 💕
I took this picture exactly one year ago with beautiful @lavidadeannasophia - still one of my favorite series 🌹🌿

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