Garrison | @garrison_lester20

Happy birthday to my bro/ the craziest person i've ever met, hope it's a good one.
we're ugly and we're proud.
"what is real will prosper"
glad i got to see my bros tonight
and that's when i realized, you're not that great.
No such thing as friends.
Bros 4 life
"There's real ones around me"
We'll miss you Charles🙏🏼
happy national sibling day❤
jacob was to scared to jump🙄
"Count blessings, not problems"
"Nobody really likes us except for us"
I guess you could say me and Isaac had a glo up😂
I think we looked pretty hot tonight😂😍 @isaachudlow_5
Gonna miss PCB.
What were we😂 @lexi_lester15
Watching her shoot a 12 gauge was the highlight of my day😂
Isaac's the real country God @isaachudlow

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