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Only my home for four more months 🏝
Some of today's classic purchases from my favorite book store 💗 & remembering some amazing moments from sophomore English 💗 (For the record, Gatsby will never get old) @jemi96
RIP you beautiful mind 😢
16 days 😍💙
Shoutout to my favorite marine & my favorite cousband 😏❤
Happy Saturday! And remember to eat like you give a damn 😄
Happy International Women's Day ♀ To the two strongest, most inspirational women I know 💕
🏝 California sunrise 🏝
Happy hump day, y'all 🐪 just some Wednesday motivation 💪❤
26 days until I'm with my other half 😍💙 #marriedaf #theflynns
Happy 21st birthday, you beautiful soul! 💕 (I mean, in Maine, you're still 20 and breaking laws in California time 💁) I hope you have an amazing time and don't feel too terrible in the morning 😘 Stay safe and ...
"It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal." ~
If you don't like seeing vegan posts, it's not us annoying you, it's your conscience 💁
Can we do round two the second this semester is over? 😍😘
P.S. I miss our tuesday/thursday in between classes dates 😭😭😭
Just found this photo 😂 can we talk about how amazing my best friend is & how many months she spent making my bridal shower spectacular! You are seriously such an amazing, supportive, caring, and wonderful best friend ❤ (Disclaimer: ...
Happy Monday, y'all! 💕
This place 😍💙
Super excited about these purchases ❤ Thank you @alyssakayyyyyyy for the book suggestion 😍❤
It's almost Monday soo 🤔💪💪🔥
When you've got the best Valentine 😍 (plus the plethora of sports bras he gave me 😍😍💪💪) #theflynns #lastvalentinesdayapart
Words can't explain what you mean to me 💙 #theflynns
Umm, can we talk about how freaking cute my sister's "This is Us" cakepops turned out?!
'Cause I rather be at Disney with the love of my life right now than drowning in responsibilities 💁
When you've got the best husband in the world 😍❤
Also, happy (in like 10 minutes) one month of marriage 😘
💕📖 Happy Monday 📖💕
"You may not always love the workouts, but you will always love the results." // This week was rough, but we got through it. Week 2 in the books & I'm pumped for week 3 💪
Four years. Four years filled with doubt, fear, changes, challenges, love, hate - everything. Four years that only happened because of you; thank you so much, Zoe, for being you 💕
You are my biggest inspiration ♀
"I'm only an angry feminist when you're an ignorant, misogynistic asshole."
Empowered women empower women ♀

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