Aaron Thompson | @aamith

Meet me in the desert.
Play with fire.
Did you hear that?
I'm confiscating this. #thistoo
The twirl test.
See you.
"She keeps my secrets."
"It's warm here."
The "me too!" outtake.
For #nationalsiblingday a glimpse of the natural waiting for dinner pose of these two varmints.
A small lesson on gumption.
This won't hurt...
Sit and listen to the rain.
Wait with me.
Wax on.
Easy like Sunday morning.
Maintaining our chill on a sick day.
Wear a mask to work day.
"I don't like standing."
Sick day.
Down, not out.
"Tell me a story."
"It keeps my eyebrows warm."
A little patch of shadow.
"Come friends, let us away."
Three hats.
Stay with me.

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