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War Eagle y'all! 🦅🐅🏈 (and dad says go Vols too but he didn't have dressing duties today 😜) #hainestwins
Love my new @affordablychicart ginger jar! Safe to say I have an official 'collection' starting! #blueandwhiteforever #casadehaines
Happy #nationaltwinday to these two love bugs! #hainestwins
Can't stop, won't stop with the @traderjoes peonies and now my hydrangeas are blooming so I'm pretty much a floral designer now...ha! Happy Monday y'all! #casadehaines
I've died and gone to chinoiserie heaven! Look at what I found at @karmstores today, a whole 30 piece set! They look perfect in our newly painted dining room too! #chinoiserie #pagoda #bluewillow #casadehaines #antiqueplates
Happy 1st Father's Day Bobby! We love you! #hainestwins
It was a 'in my pajamas by 6:30' kind of night. Keeping tiny humans alive all day is exhausting y'all! Comfy pj pants makes this girl feel like a new woman!
But first, let me take a #shelfie! #casadehaines
Dear friends and family, please note that the subject matter you're about to receive in the mail is the sole reason for our birth announcements 5 month delay! I have a feeling you'll forgive us! #hainestwins
4 month shots for these two littles today...send chocolate for the momma! 😳#hainestwins
I will neither confirm nor deny how many lemon cookies were in the box when I left and how many are in there now 🍋 🍪 😬#thebabiesmademedoit #knoxrocks
Brightening up the baby cave, one tassel at a time! #casadehaines
So many house projects/ideas/dreams so little time! Starting small with the entry way and this new rug! #casadehaines
I really wish Instagram had a scratch and sniff feature for you to smell these blooms from the yard! #peonywatch2017
Happy happy 3 months to my littles! All those mommas were right, time is flying, because I don't have any idea how we got here...wasn't I just the size of a whale with you in my belly? And now you're ...
As good as we could get for our first Easter picture...one's kind of asleep and the other's not really feeling her first fancy dress, and their parents aren't even looking at the right camera 😬but so thankful and blessed for ...
Yea because taking care of two tiny humans isn't enough of a challenge...#greenthumbwannabe #nofilter
Safe to say my first mom fail was not getting one month pictures on the actual day, but giving myself some grace and knowing it's because I've had my hands (and heart) full. So, happy 5 weeks and 3 days ...
Overwhelmed and overjoyed to announce the arrival of our son and daughter! Meet Grady Armistead Haines (6lbs, 2oz, 19.5" long) and sister Coley Marie Haines,(7lbs, 8oz, 19.5" long) born January 28th,2017. We feel so blessed that God chose us as ...
Safe to say, 2016 has been such a blessing - can't wait to see the adventure that is in store for us in 2017! Happy New Years friends! #hainestwins #1monthtogo 💗💙
Merry Merry y'all!!
When you're 32 weeks pregnant with twins and your hubs worked 60+ hrs this week you wait a week before Christmas to decorate the tree (that you've had since last Saturday just sitting in the corner 😂) But a rainy ...
Holiday visits from favorite friends with a side of baby belly rubs! #hainestwins
Well even though this day hasn't gone as expected (i.e. a cold bug when 25 wks pregnant with two that's tried to take me out) it ended with a loving hubs who came home early and showered me with beautiful ...
It's such an overwhelming feeling to see this room getting full...for two years I've walked by a completely empty room every single day...every single day. I've laid in the middle of the floor countless times and prayed that it would ...
I know it's only Tuesday...but these tumblers would make a girls weekend so much fun! #shopehd
Our monogrammed tags make the perfect gifts! #shopehd
After a season of showers we are overjoyed to say that we have rainbowS on the horizon. God in all His wisdom is entrusting and blessing us with TWO little hearts and we are completely honored and grateful...Bobby and I ...
When you spend all summer with a debilitating injury that makes you stay inside and cancel your week long beach vacay, a long weekend at a hotel pool is like heaven! #ohpoolboy

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