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A reminder that you are never alone. There are people all around you that feel or have felt the way you do. “The way you feel is something everybody goes through”
A reminder to be vulnerable.
Candid Queen xDD
Had so much fun last night at Emo Night 💀 Thank you for inviting me, you’re the best 😍 @courtneydawne_
Side note, we’re gods for actually taking decent pics in that lighting situation 😂
Also Demi Lovato and Chainsmokers randomly showed up at the end? Wtf??? Still confused.... 🤔
My phone died halfway through tho 😩
“Late nights thinking about you” She said as she rolled over to pet her three cats ✨
Withered flowers are best decor 😈🥀
Just did a little shoot for my merch :3 Can’t wait to share all of the things I’ve been designing! Just one design at a time though 🙈💜
I’m melting D:
Me and my bestie taking pics 😝 who’s your best friend and are you as weird as us?!?! We cute doh ✨
These cupcakes 😍💕 I just can’t... especially the puppy ones 😭 I have a serious sweet tooth, especially chocolate. Anyone else???
Hello! Late af stream since getting a non-EU schedule is impossible for me 🤓 come give me ur energy ⚡️
Link in bio 💜
Wow ash, very candid you natural ;)
My merch store will be up soon with all of my designs 😍✨
Stream going up boissss
Channeling my inner cat for dank nid plays :3 ✨
Bubbles 💕
A little later than I wanted but streaming some tunes now! ✨ 💜
Streaming soon!! 💜✨ ⚡️
Starting Lineage 2: Revolution! Come say hi! :D This is my first ever sponsored stream, I'm really excited to check out this game :) Here's a link if you wanna come play with me! #ad (link in bio) 💜
Hi friends!! Starting stream soon! Gonna play some League (haven’t played new preseason ahhhhh) and then later going to play some Lineage 2: Revolutions! If you wanna make a toon and play, here’s the dl for the game, will put ...
Thank you to whoever got me these bathbombs off my wishlist! I’m so happy ty so much 😭💜
Hi friends, I’ll be back streaming tomorrow 💜 It will start around 12pm pst ✨ If you want to keep up with me, you can give my channel a follow! I’ll post the link in bio
Xo much love
Me ft. my chair xo
Oldie but goodie
💜 in love with this hat
It’s electric how symmetric
We both get when you lay beside me
I miss u

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