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Carpet shopping years ago after a job in Marrakech, one of my favorite trips ✌🏻 📸: @lizcresci ♥️♥️♥️ #tbt #tailoringwork
Warming it up on this snowy day. 🏖 #tuesday is for #tailoringwork ✂️
This is what “working from home” looks like. 🧡
Grateful today and everyday for the women in my life. Fun fact about me, I come from a BIG family of ladies. I have 4 sisters and through the band I gained 2 more. I’m lucky to have girlfriends who ...
Joan Rivers, always the straight shooter. ♥️
The Nick Cave: Feat Exhibit 🤯
A few months ago a new client reached out to me to make a couple dresses for award season. When we met I asked her about fabrics, silhouettes, hem lines, etc and she just kept telling me “whatever you like” ...
A whole lotta denim to mend 👖♥️
Down for life. ♥️
We are stardust brought to life, then empowered by the universe to figure itself out - and we have only just begun. 💫 #neildegrassetyson
My little Galadriel hanging in Home Depot ♥️
Hittin’ the slopes this weekend and hoping to recreate this photo. Happy Friday y’all ⛷ #outfitenvy
Mom IRL photo cred: 👩🏻‍🎤
Weekend Plans ♥️ Jammies & Jams
I looked in the mirror today and realized I’ve gotten older. I remember a time when I use to worry about things like that. Now when I see my tired face I know it’s because I was up early with ...
Just a beautiful picture I didn’t take but I did tailor the clothes, so there’s that. ✂️ #tailoring #karliekloss #express
My space. ✂️
Tailoring work for the lovely #nicolekidman ♥️ I get a lot of questions about my job so I thought I’d take a second and explain... I work mostly on the set of photo shoots and commercials, altering the clothing samples ...
That time of the day where you wonder, should I have another coffee or just try and push through. 🤔
Happy Birthday my dear. ♥️ #bowiecharleslacey #2 #👩🏻‍🎤
I had the opportunity to make a custom gown for a client attending the Globes tonight. As you may or may not know, many women & men in Hollywood will be wearing black “to stand in solidarity with women and ...
I figured I was due for a good ol’ landscape post.
Farewell 2017 - you have been a particularly challenging and rewarding year. I have had my most personal challenges broadcasted publicly, but have found comfort in the vulnerability of it all. I have learned to ask for help. We moved ...
Just normalizing breastfeeding over here. 🍼
Merry Christmas from our family to yours. ♥️
Sorry guys, I’m going to get a little sappy for a second. This morning I wrapped my last on-set job for the year and then got started on a couple custom dresses for award season. I’m a self-employed freelancer so ...
God is Love ♥️
Giving myself a 10 out of 10 on sustainable fashion for the day. @ragandbone sweater bought used from @thredup (with credit from selling used goods), vintage coat bought used from @bkflea 7 years ago (it was the seller’s mother’s jacket), ...

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