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Hey you're cute today
Heading home to CA after a week at Cape Cod. I grew up in Jersey so there's a special place in my heart here.
From my Lace set. 8.5"x11" of handmade hemp and cotton papers cut with an xacto knife.
Avi 💋
Click the link in my bio for the buzzfeed article about my twitter if you want to smile today
Thank you so much for 200,000! 💕😱đŸĨ‚
I am more than thankful for the amazing people I have in my life. I miss @brittanylesser too
Stay kind. That's all.
Here's a photo of my really grumpy doggo
I would like to be a crisp in the sun with a mojito in hand. I also say that stretch marks are simply a result of the booty growin too fast too furious.
I'm 5'3" and this is my natural hair and body. I have cellulite and frizzy curls. I no longer have abs and I'm covered in freckles. My brand will never photoshop these things because they're normal. No ones retouched and ...
The 🍑 side of the transformation from 2013 ➡ī¸ 2017 that I get asked about on a daily basis.
How? Heavy weights & food & 4 YEARS. Growing means building muscle. To build muscle you need some form of resistance ...
Yes I've changed my path. I'm 21. I was an all-or-nothing fitness IG when I was 19-20. I was planning on being a Kinesiology major and was taking all those courses. I thought I wanted that life, but who knows ...
Shooting the full coverage bottoms with @yourfriendandre today đŸŒē
Sometimes I put on nice things
Basically I paid the second half of my deposit on production for @champagneswim . It's kind of crazy and scary and exciting all at once.
Finished junior year today. Feeling in between a lot of life phases. Broke af cause I invested all my money into myself and I wont know if it will work until a few weeks. All I know is I've just ...
Hopefully shooting with @rjmckinnon again soon 🙌đŸŧ
Just a chick who likes the ocean
2014 ➡ī¸ 2017
Thin to now. I didn't eat enough then. I wasn't happy even if I was a smaller size or lighter weight. Being smaller didn't mean better. I had to learn that for myself. I listed my favorite ...
Lace | 8.5"x11" | Series of 5 collages

1. Beat pulp for homemade paper - tan paper is made of hemp and thin white paper is made of cotton
2. Pull and press and dry flat sheets
3. Draw figure ...
You know what would be chill? Vision. Wish I had it.
I need to do some more beach shoots. Whos in LA? Laguna? Malibu?
Shaping and "toning" your legs will come from lifting heavy weights and building a muscular foundation. You can't build a butt without muscle and you can't build muscle without resistance & FOOD.
My favorite leg exercises: sumo deadlifts (my max ...
I went into this shoot super nervous and unsure of myself as a model. This is still my favorite photo ever taken of me to this day. Sometimes you can surprise yourself.
Who I am comes in waves.
I'm never all silent and never all still. I'm never all wild and never all dark. People tend to associate stillness and silence with beauty in serenity. But I think the beauty is in ...
Dogs never went to universities & they still are smarter than 99% of humans.
I just think my butt looks good in this pic!! Nothing inspirational or fitspo to say!!
Apparently the internet said I'm " so over and cancelled" like I'm some kind of show rather than a person .. surprise bitch .. this is the pilot

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