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Facts @approxofficial #animaljam
Charlizzle my nizzle takin’ a little nappy poo #animaljam
😂😂😂 (made by @birdiefriendaj)
Went to the mall today w/ the boiiiZ #animaljam #myoutfitsarebetterinanimaljam
NEW VIDEO UP! Thanks to @sloom_aj for the WONDAFUL edits, keep em’ up! #animaljam
Make sure to go watch my latest video with @kingskorm... you don’t want to miss it! #animaljam
Agree w/ this post by @thejammershade COMPLETELY. At least once a week, cmon fellas! #animaljam
Thank you @try.aj’s dad 😂 also I have a new video with my sister up guys! Go check it out! #animaljam
Countin’ em #animaljam #vidconjammers
@theemeraldrupee MADE THIS INSANE IRL PIC OF ME AND SKORM THX ❤️ #animaljam
This edit by @try.aj is so heckin awesome 😂 Anyways though! Today I’m going to be doing an AJ edition WOULD YOU RATHER so leave some unique, funny, and original would you rathers in the comments below! #animaljam
It’s my birthday in 3 days soooo... I EXPECT MANY GIFTS ON AJ FROM U ALL PLZ AND THANK YOU I LOVE RARES #animaljam
LOVE when my mom TELLS me to stay home 😂 (the roads were bad bc of snow and she didn’t want me driving) #animaljam
@wesleydudney’s FAT CATTT SO ADORBS 😍 #animaljam
Feelin’ like Mira looking down on my lands 😂 #animaljam (created by @jamaarocket)
@cmangos9 is Evil Kermit 😂😂
So my friend Grace’s little brother made this for me... 😂 #animaljam
I’ve been addicted to Dash Tag 😂 #animaljam (meme by @memes4aj)
you like krabby patties don’t ya aparri?
Today is the day guys! Today is the day I’m OFFICIALLY 1,000,000% back to daily AJ vids! Bepper and I have made a pact that the first one to miss an upload has to donate $100 to charity and get ...
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Funny memez #animaljam @memes4aj
Thought I’d share this with you guys 😂 #animaljam
#kawaiiparri by @awkwardphotosofjammers
I came a long way from making videos in my laundry room to now :) #animaljam (I never had my own room until 2017 😂)
My favorite selfie spot in Balloosh 😜 #animaljam

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