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“All you can do is your best.” [email protected]_kaplan
I love you Gretchen @ramendoodlesss thank you so much for sending me the link to this, I’ve been looking for it for so long! @avi_kaplan
“Music is the original anti anxiety / anti depressant.” [email protected]_kaplan
“An open mind >>>” [email protected]_kaplan
💕💕💕 @avi_kaplan
He is so sweet 💚 @avi_kaplan
My mom thinks his caption should have been: "Furry face, happy heart." @avi_kaplan
Happy birthday @scotthoying 💚💚💚
"Music makes everything better." [email protected]_kaplan
This is so adorable I can't even
Okay but the picture he posted today is so adorable I can't
I don't care if any of you hate Kavi, you have to admit this is adorable
"Thank goodness for Vermont" [email protected]_kaplan
"I couldn't possibly love you all more! You fill my heart everyday 💚💚💚" [email protected]_kaplan
He changed his bio 💚💚💚 #ptxforever
"With each rising sun comes a fresh start." [email protected]_kaplan
I'm just going to leave this here 😭 I love you @avi_kaplan, so much 💚💚💚
#ptxforever 💚 Today is the day, everyone. Avi's last concert with PTX (until further notice). This sweet boy has brought so much to Pentatonix since he agreed to meet with the trio back in 2011. Make sure to send him ...
Credit to @pentaholic_4245 because I saw this and I can't with his beauty
"Naps >>>" [email protected]_kaplan
This is adorable, but you guys are so creepy, like, I know you love him, but it's so creepy to be like "omg he's going to be SUUCH a good dad to my future children with him" I know we're ...
If anyone was wondering why I have been putting watermarks on my pics, it's because I've been editing them, not because I'm trying to claim them. 💚
💙💚 "Still in shock from the @GameOfThrones finale last night..." [email protected]_kaplan
"Dragons are not pets. Dragons are friends." [email protected]_kaplan
"With each rising sun comes a fresh start." [email protected]_kaplan
"Be good to yourself." [email protected]_kaplan

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