Avi Kaplan's Hips | @aviz_hips

Sorry I forgot who I stole this pic from
Thank you to @avi_is_beautsome for having her bitmoji on Snapchat look like Avi so I can have fun 😂
K I love how he has a shirt that matches that hat
Here you guys can have another edit
I love meat and potatoes
So I edited this and here is my wonderful friend's response 😂
Spam bots on kik. Keep in mind that my profile pic is this wonderful edit by @thepentagonics 😂😂
Stunning 💕💕
Stolen from @thedragon.rider. Look at that braid 🎵
;) 😂 @avi_kaplan
Me too
Credit: @taraptx, you both are so sweet 😭
🎵 His hips don't lie 🎵 @avi_kaplan
💚💙💚💙 @avi_kaplan
He's so cute
Daft Punk 💕 @avi_kaplan
New drawing of @avi_kaplan
He's so great 😂 I love him so much. I bursted out laughing when I saw this
Finally finished this one @avi_kaplan
He can't even remember his choreography for White Winter Hymnal 😂 He's cute

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