SUNJAI WILLIAMS | @bad2thebone__3

@teamkaylaproductions here we back !!!
Its Memorial Day weekend and I'm excited. Y'all know how I love to eat, I can just taste the BBQ right now! Oh, and tonight on JJ'S World, my dad is having fun while working with his workers. And hippity ...
It's NationalBrothersDay! Love my big brother so much he's the best! #nationalbrothersday ❤️
Life is to be enjoyed😄 #natural #teamnatural #braidout #hair
The best is yet to come💋 #natural #teamnatural #hair #braidout
Hey y'all I'm back home with my family and I'm so happy!  Make sure you check out JJ'S world tonight. Its an extended mothers day and twins birthday celebration. Also, keep sending me those ask Sunjai questions too. I'm waiting. All ...
This is so sad! I didn't know that he was shot and killed. He was just a baby no child or family should have to go through this. This is a sick world that we live in. Everyone watch after ...
Please help find this child if you live around the jackson area etc. be on the lookout #missing #child #boy #jackson
They got their nails done today! @sweet__reflection @sweet_reflection
My bestfriend is forever! ❤️ @tiaria_alexis
Love them❤️! #sisterlylove #sisters #twins #birthday @sweet_reflection @sweet__reflection
It's my little sisters 18th birthday! OMG y'all are growing up on me! I love these girls to death they my babies! We out celebrating I know y'all are going to enjoy every single moment of it! Happy Birthday twins ...
This is so cute! I hope everyone had a great Mothers Day! ❤️
Gifts for my mommy! ❤️@mzhootersvet
Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful mother! She is honestly the strongest woman that I know. She does so much for everyone and forgets that she has herself that needs to be looked out for. It felt like we almost ...
Happy Mothers Day grandma I love you forever and always!❤️😇 #grandma #mothersday #granddaughter #love #family #funeral #r.I.H
😩 today is the day that we bury my amazing grandmother. Finding out that she was gone broke me heart and I broke down because she passed away the day before I was about to come home last week. She ...
It's Mothers Day weekend, and on JJ's World, my dad JJ and his workers have special Mothers Day wishes for all the moms. And you know my dad, it will be hilarious. I'm back home for the summer this weekend, ...
Car getting sent back home today!
Love these girls! ❤️ #dd4l #dolls #competition #dollsisters
I represent for these two❤️! 😂Star always acting silly! @sweet_reflection @sweet__reflection #teamstar #teamsky #starandsky #tshirt
Love my parents ! 😍😍 @play_likej @mzhootersvet
Shining on a Sunny Day! 🌞
Happy to be home! Im excited to see my #dd4l family! ❤️
Hey everyone! Go watch JJs world! My dad is getting ready to head out on the town. Then check out my sisters performing in a play called "Spinderella" a take on the classic "Cinderella" you'll love it! Also, don't forget ...

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