The Balou Blue, Therapy Dog | @baloublue

Bruno on the go!
#myson #bteam #baloubie
BabyMama is Coco of @bluegemfrenchies
Come to Daddy!
B Team Bruno.
Mama is Coco of @bluegemfrenchies
#baloubie #onemanteam
SCROLL-> for the C Team...
L-R: Cobolt, Caspar, Ciel, Cadeau
BabyMama is my love Abby of @bluegemfrenchies
We have power!!!
Live reporting here to say a huge thanks to @floridapowerandlight & the amazing contractors from all over the US who came to help us Floridians restore life as we knew it before Irma! #grateful #floridastrong
#hurricaneirma #naplesflorida
My precious B Team son Bruno is already 4 weeks old
Mama is Coco of @bluegemfrenchies
#onemanteam #baloubie
This is what Day 7 of no power looks like! Thank you sooooooo sooooo much for the many DM's, emails & well wishes & offers of help! Such kindness is what helps us keep going! Sorry that due to battery ...
Mwah! We made it safely through the worst! We got a calm 20 minutes in the eye of the storm & now we are hoping that power returns soon & that when we return to our own home on Monday ...
We need you guys to know we are ok. We had listened & learned & prepared. All was set. We have a brand new home, built to Florida code: impact glass, the roof can allegedly withstand 180mph winds. Then suddenly ...
Whatever you are facing right now, be it political, personal or environmental... wherever you are in the world... remember you are loved... please stay safe InstaFam!
PJ's: @pawshhh
SCROLL->Biiiiig thank you to @palmbeachpupcycled for these exquisite keychains which are hand crafted from genuine vintage LV
Current vibe at Casa Blue
Remember... nobody built like you, you designed yourself
Custom necklace: @kohinorjuwelen
More Baloubie's!
The C-Team are here! My big love, Abby from @bluegemfrenchies & I have once again produced 4 perfect babies:
2 girls: Cadeau & Ciel.
2 boys: Caspar & Cobolt.
The C- Team Baloubie's were born August 27 ...
My son Bruno with Coco of @bluegemfrenchies
#bteam #onemanteam #baloubie
It hurts our hearts to see so many animals & humans affected by the devastation of tropical storm Harvey but it also warms them to see how much humanity there is among rescuers & helpers. @shopfbl have compiled a list ...
As a therapy dog I'll stay with you while you nap & I'll also guard your snacks
Pyjama pawty
Dressed by @pawshhh
Happy National Dog Day from the youngest member of the Baloubie Fam!
Bruno, my son with Coco of @bluegemfrenchies
#nationaldogday2017 #bteam #baloubie
#tbt to the A-Team who are so perfect that a C-Team from me & Abby of @bluegemfrenchies is coming soon! Aqua, @axl_the_baloubie @mister_knuckles & @the_amazing_atlas have full siblings on the way!
All blue errythang
Bruno Cam
#myson #baloubie
Mama is Coco of @bluegemfrenchies
Seeing double?
Harnesses: @beaubellespooches
Me time
Music: @kendricklamar
I'm a proud pawrent at swimming lessons
My son @axl_the_baloubie & the A-Team are 5 months old today! Abby of @bluegemfrenchies & I are beyond proud of our first litter of Baloubies & have so much love for them & their forever families!
#baloubies #bluegems
My baby girl is soon to be a big sis
#aquablue #firstdaughter
This space will be filled with our Baloubies very soon!
Coco of @bluegemfrenchies & me are awaiting the B-Team!
All puppies are spoken for.

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