Becky Sullivan | @becsully

No wifi, no cable, still not going to miss the first 16-over-1 upset in the history of the tournament 😍
Chicago is a nice place
Someone in my apartment building forgot their reusable bags tonight
Mark's favorite new record
Terrifying mail for a layperson, exciting mail for a journalist
Metaphorical weather today in DC
tfw @arishapiro takes 100 photos of you hiking
Happy January from Arizona!
Happy to report there was no ballistic missile alert today in Shenandoah
Me too 🤔
It's Robert Siegel's last day as host of ATC, so our cafeteria is serving Robert-themed lunch
My niece has a real gift for drawing dissatisfied faces 😐 😕
Wear the same outfit as someone else at the office, get roped into taking a photo. (Someone gave James the beads.)
Thanksgiving in Colorado is nice because you can pretend that a few hikes will offset all that pie
It's important to have a good hiking partner
Hey good-lookin'
I find it unreasonably funny that NPR had to post this PSA in the newsroom
In South Korea, rightwingers are pretty psyched about Trump (and bombing North Korea).
Korean food is delicious.
My Korean toilet glows in the dark 👽
The view from press row.
Waiting for the presser, part two.
Waiting for the presser.
In Kyoto in the fall, the temples place dramatic lighting across their grounds to highlight the fall leaves, and allow visitors in at night. It's stunning.
Green tea soft serve is a lil weird on the first bite and delicious all the rest
Menu for horse meat sashimi 🐴
Fall in Tokyo is a nice thing

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