Brynn Cameron | @brynncameron

Two holiday parties, two beach towns, one day, one Kale.
Old coast, new wardrobe.
The popsicles dripped paint, but our time quickly melted towards a finish.
I waited for further instructions, but was left out in the cold.
Above all else, we were not permitted to touch the bananas.
I swam in 95,000,000 sprinkles. I took at least 3,000 home with me.
I recently traveled to a land of sprinkles, vanilla & sugar. And in honor of this sweet, once in a life time experience, so begins a series.
Are the sins still deadly if there are only 5? •

Happy Halloween 2017
Today begins the adventures of an [at least temporarily] employed girl
🏰 What a magical weekend it was 🏰
We’re trying to bring fall to LA
CalJam ‘17

@foofighters @cagetheelephant
All along the Western front • People line up to receive
New friends becoming old friends
Life changes more gradually here
New things
Searching for canals...
• Between a crucifix and the Hollywood sign we decided to get hurt •
23 years young
Home stretch • See you in a few months ❤️
No matter which coast, there will always be palm trees 🌴
This is the time of dreams...
I fell in love with the seaside • she handled her charm with time and slight of hand
I don't think home's a place

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