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I can almost see the beach weather
Learned about successful wine marketing and pet a donkey who was attacked by a mountain lion and lived to tell the tale
45 on The 1
Turns out the butcher’s daughter was a vegan.
Waiting for @caro.mck ’s plane to land 💙
Here’s to all of the fantastic, inspiring and compassionate women making history every day. You’ve made such a difference in my life, and I’m so happy to know you ❤️ #internationalwomensday
I don’t think it’ll ever quite feel like you have your life together, but it’s a pretty brilliant feeling to sit back and realize that, at least for the time being, it sort of is.
Something pretty for an especially Monday-like Monday
Three’s the charm
I get off of work just in time to see the sun slip below the Pacific
A sunset’s pause
Look at all that we’ve done in just three years. Here’s to so many more.
• Est. 2/28/15 •
photo & photo bomb: @jakesugg
The Desert • The Ocean • The Mountains 🌵 • 🌊 • ⛰
Found a place where my hair matches the sand, and my glasses match the sky
Portrait of the New Roommate
Happy Valentine’s Day, and thank you to @linnealieth who created the coolest present of all time.
I just discovered that I can send Valentine’s Day cards from my phone at the last minute
A big thank you to my lovely roommates for a proper Pal-entine’s weekend ❤️ You’ve made California everything that it is to me
In honor of some incredible news yesterday, here is a peek at a special project that @linnealieth is working on for Valentine’s Day. I feel so lucky to have such an incredibly talented artist as a friend...and also a boyfriend ...
I may not have always been the best fan, but I’m proud of our team, and missing my tar heels a little extra today #gdtbath
Getting into the Valentine’s spirit 🥀
I have many hopes for this week.
Slowly but surely you find your spots
It might be time to start planning the next weekend trip...
A cloudy sky in Los Angeles is a rare and magical beast ☁️☁️☁️
Ready for you to move here
I don’t know that I miss winter...
Thank you for helping me find the best parts of California @kalechipsndip

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