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Our vacation was nothing nothing less of an amazing time. To the resort, the food, James speaking Spanish and the quality time I got to spend with my most favorite man, my husband! I had a great time with you ...
🌞🌊 @longlive_theking1
Happy Birthday babe! So thankful for you. Here’s to many more years of celebrating! I love you!! ❤️
Hunny 🖤
Happy Valentines Day ❤️
Happy Birthday, Lady 🎈💜
One of my most favorite pictures with my most favorite man ❤️
Congrats on the new car babe! I guess it’s a Z thing 🤷🏻‍♀️ @longlive_theking1
Sending this Marine off last night was nothing less of an amazing time. Nate, we are so happy for you! You’re going to do so great! See you in a couple of months! ❤️ @n_arnold11
My love ❤️❤️
Our two year anniversary of being in our house is tomorrow and needless to say, this renovation completely exceeded my expectations ❤️ 90% finished. A huge thankful to everyone who has helped us along the way. @longlive_theking1
Suga 💋
I love loving you ❤️
Game Day ☘️ Let’s go ND! #catholicsvsconvicts #nd #ndfootball
Loving you ❤️
Love night time cuddles with my little guy 💜🐶
So happy for my hunny ❤️ So thankful I have you as a best friend and husband to take on life with. You’re the best.
Because I’m so happy for my best. Can’t wait to see you so we can get some more pics 🤷🏻‍♀️👯
Boy I wish we could have been there tonight! Go Irish! 💚🍀
Because this day two years ago, Notre Dame played USC. USC Week. Go Irish!🍀💚
Because ND has been killing it.. Oh and I love this campus 🍀💚
Ooh la la ❤️ My Handsome man. What would I do without ya 😍
Missing you each and every day. Can’t wait until I get to see you again 👼❤️ #fouryears #missingyou
My 🍯, Happy #nationalboyfriendday to my husband ❤️
Loving you ❤️
I love you and your photobombing self ❤️

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