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Best babes, beaches, mind-blowing food, the most beautiful backdrop. Wow. There was never a more picturesque weekend.
New work uniform.
Work hard, party hard, drink, hustle, etc.
Future Mr. Claire Suellentrop.
When you buy an #rland magnet at EAV Strut and forget to take it home, so he leaves it at Joe's for you with a pile of surprise postcards 🙌⚡️
Cold enough for jackets in AP.
We grew a thing!
Cue the emotional hangover.
Jersey feel trip.
Havin' JC Party Crew feels hard enough to cry. Oh wait, already did. Live you guys so much it hurts. Congrats, #johnnyandmishka ❤️
Partying like a buncha overgrown college kids, horrifying neon shots included.
Biggie's long-lost twin sister lives in our wedding venue and is not afraid of heights.
Workstation view, or: EAV, ILU.
Breakfast with best friends cures the physical hangover. But come Monday, what cures the emotional one?
#tbt Thanks for cheesin'.
Biggie Squeaks is feelin' those new rug vibes.
Morning light got my heart eyes goin'.
When you pack fancy date clothes but end up just wearing your swimsuit all weekend.
Hey again, 'hood.
60% rain, 30% drinking, 10% people-watching, souvenir shopping, skimboarding badly, and losing/finding my wallet.
Orange Beach: cheap beer, offensive postcards, alcoholic ice cream drinks, fried everything.
When @mikesuellentrop was around my age, he had a kid who wore a baby mullet and really liked organizing things in straight lines. Like crawfish leftovers.
Just trying to keep things organized out here.
"Just tell people we're scouting the set."
"We need to talk about your time management strategy."
Snapshot of my brain rn.

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