You Look Like A Burnt Zucchini | @clean.memes

back for this post. I'll prolly post again on Halloween so see y'all then😹 ~®
omg hahahahahaha this is the first post that has actually made me lol in a long time ~® #lolz #imback #notforlongtholol #itsaight
This is my fav pic of a shibi like omg it's so freaking cute. Just look at his little tongue and peaceful face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! •ë•
Ba-dum-tssss ! •ë•
So tru 1!!1!1! •ë•
Amazing. This is the Internet at its finest. •ë•
Me on the daily. •ë•
I've thought that I'm a Sagittarius my whole life but I guess I've been wrong. ~®
My favs 😭😭🔥🔥😻😻😩😩1!1!1 •ë•
Me on the daily bc I'm dead on the inside but love dogs1!1! •ë•
Goodnight guys 🌙 •ë•
Mood: (。-_-。) •ë•
What type of music do you guys listen to? •ë•
I've been doing nothing since like lunch when I could've been working the entire time lol •ë•
I'm concerned. •ë•
Sadly this is true plus puns and roasts •ë•
This movie was so bomb !11!1! •ë•
Currently me. •ë•
I'm so confused like some of my posts get a couple hundred likes while others get a couple thousand likes. It's weird. •ë•
👀👀👀 •ë•
I am HEALTH •ë•

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