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There is no better salad than mine! Made my day 😋🍴 😁
My favorite sin ♥
Tracy Chevalier's new novel! Haven't read a line yet, so I can't tell you how it is, but I know her writing is nothing but brilliant.
If you want to read my first interview with Tracy Chevalier, you can find ...
Who, who could stop me from posting another picture of my big fat Greek coffee 😚🍵😋
This beauty is my best friend, my sister (in law) and a very talented painter. Azi, despre lucruri mai frivole, cum ar fi trucurile ei de frumusete 😚 link in bio 👉
My magazine - four years, 80 days, 16 hours and countless joys to come 💙
Tofu & veggies, and some sunflower seeds, all fried in a drop of olive oil 🍴 I feel like I've never had meat and I don't miss it a bit.
"Lumea intreaga se misca adesea numai ca sa ajungi sa nu-ti mai ocupi locul si sa-l poti uzurpa pe al celuilalt, numai pentru asta, spre a-ti uita de tine insuti si a-l ingropa pe cel care ai fost. Toti obosim ...
Today is a good day 🌱
Foietaje forever! (how to get your body ready for the summer) #eathealthy 😂
Catherine Deneuve & Marcello Mastroianni, sailing against the current, in the 70s. Link in bio 👉
In the name of brownies 😵
I like everything in this store! 🙈 @sugarbooandco
(Brookhaven, Atlanta)
Many thanks to that man or woman in Honduras who worked hard to grow and harvest this cantaloupe for me to enjoy at 2 o'clock in the morning!
Mario Badescu all the way 👄❤👄
So, where do you go when you're in Athens 🍵🍥🍵
How beautiful is this! "Embrace on the Seine," by Fred van Schagen, 1954.
One of my favorite places in #atlanta: Callie's Hot Little Biscuit. Worth gaining a pound and incredible service. Love & recommend!
I finally understand the OPI craze. Never had a polish that lasted so long. This is the Bubble Bath shade - classic, very natural looking and goes with any outfit. If you want something more bold, try Dutch Tulips 👄
My big, fat Greek coffee 🍵 I take a sip and I'm there, in Crete, barefoot on the beach!
Eternal woman 💋 Sophia
👉 link in bio, despre cartea ei de memorii 👉
I bought The New York Times and I couldn't help thinking: one day, people will look at this object with nostalgia and a sense of wonder. Just like we look at old things in an antiques store. Imagine someone's face, ...
Things I like 🎈 From an old Italian cookbook.
I wrote an article about what I like in America 👉 link in bio 👉 There's one thing I forgot to put on the list: sunsets!
This was somewhere in Atlanta. #corinainamerica
Since I'm so frivolous, here is another one that I fell in love with: Hair Oil Mist. Great for beach waves, but also for straight hair. Incredible smell! You can try it at Whole Foods. Mineral Fusion, you're welcome.
How beautiful is this! Found it on Luca Dotti's Twitter.

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