Courtney | @court_knee_yo

Precious baby max 12 weeks (yesterday)
My baby love 11 weeks old
Conflicting universities.
Mimi's 17th great grandchild !
Baby max at daycare. Wow. I miss him.
Me and my baby ❤️
Two months down!
8 weeks and 11 pounds
Max is a serious musician.
More photos from the Hershey gardens
Daddy and max at the Hershey gardens 🌺
Max and I are in shock over this super awesome #drseuss present! Thank you so much Deb! 😱😀
Baby wants to be a burrito 🌯 all day.
Listen kid ... mommy needs a nap! 😍😍😍
Happy Easter 🐣- Love Max
My super cute baby boy. 😍😍😍😍
Enjoying the nice weather on my parents deck.
Max 5 weeks (and a few days)
5 weeks old (last Friday, just got my props in the mail)
Billy + Bandit = Besties
Happy one month birthday to my baby max 😍
Max from the grunge era...
Baby max and me
Baby + daddy = baby daddy

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