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He thing with shaving your beard is that it is followed by immediate regret and a successive reattempt to let it grow out again 😂
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🔥 @chris_p.official
Drunk & distracted
Finally got the bubble wrap i ordered. Anybody need a mic?
Business thoughts popped up like porn ads
I know we are moving at snail speed but if the EP comes together as we imagine it to be it will be amazing. Here's a sneak peak ✌
Kinda sad to think it'll be 1 1/2 year till the next Kendrick album 😔
Status: waiting on friday
Great things coming guys (happy MLK day!)
Clocked in and ready to clock someone out #heldhostageatwork
Soon. Smoke & Mirrors
All summer. Link in Bio
Smoke & Mirrors is coming
Late nights under street lights
Feeling it (he can't afford it tho)
Drive out the 😈
Cynical in your area, about to cause mass hysteria. Link in bio
Fuck with us and give us money
Still can't wrap my head around what kind of masterpieces the mmlp and the Eminem show are
The 80's are back baby!
Working again today
Alcoholic chain smoker
Late summer vibes. Link in Bio
Setup looking real professional. Just ignore the trash. But give me bonus points for dog

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