Dancing Dolls 😍🔐 | @dancing_dollsdd4l

I wanna scream and out 😚
Zatia 😍💖 #dd4l @tiaweiaa @lovelivelaugh_tea
who's ready for the Season Finale tomorrow for #bringit? 😍💕💃
y'all crazy 😭😍, but cute ✊. #dd4l #bringit 🙌💃 #whoyouwith 🔐 @dat_dollkayla @tick_tick_boom1 @oso__suave__ @ibuckordiedoll1 @rittany_no_b @sweet_reflection @sweet__reflection
Day made when Selena commented 😭🙌😍💕
Stuntmaster 😍💃 True Beauty 😍💖@tick_tick_boom1
#throwback to when Sunjai and Jj came to my school 😍💖
another doll follows 😍💕
make sure you're there ! #dd4l
#crystiannahost 😚💖 #bringit 🙌💃
F // Tawantza from #bringit 💃💕
F // Her Daughter #zatia #dancingdolls #lifetimetv 🎊💖
The Dancing Dolls kilt it last night 😘💕
Zatia 😍✊ @tiaweiaa @lovelivelaugh_tea
Camryn 😍💖 @xoqveencammie @ddp_mimi
your daughter is truly a blessing 😭💕
@tiaweiaa @lovelivelaugh_tea
made my day 😍🙌
blessed 😭💕 @oso__suave__
I know that you are a proud mommy because she has made it this far . 👣 Even though she has been through so many obstacles she found her path on the Dancing Dolls 😍💃. She is a great dancer ...
nothing could break the bond that the twins have , including the bond that they have with Sunjai 💛
DD4L !

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