Give these 2 workouts a shot on your next shoulder day. First time trying some lateral raises with the olympia bar instead of the EZ bar. The longer the bar the harder it is to control.

2nd workout lean ...
🏆🏆|| Congratulations to @purefit_lifestyle athlete @peter__gunz for taking 1st place in open class A today at the @musclecontest Pacific USAs! Thank you @musclecontest for another great event! #weaintdoneyet #1stplace #winnerscircle #classa #purefitlifestyle #pfls
@elle5fitness came through this morning and we got in a full body circuit. This resistance training will have your legs on 🔥🔥.

She is going into her first peak week and will be competing at her first @musclecontest Bikini ...
💪🏽🔥|| Last nights lift with the @purefit_lifestyle squad was pretty lit! Check it out on my IG story.

Thank you @selfmadetrainingfacilitymv for the hospitality. #winnerscircle #happybirthdaykareem #purefitlifestyle #pfls
🎉🎈|| Wanted to wish my brother from another mother @kareem_the_car_dude a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May god continue to keep blessing you. Love you brother! If you need a new car you know who to call. @kareem_the_car_dude

Per usual dipped ...
🙌🏽💿|| Wanted to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my bro @willsinge for officially going PLATINUM last week on his hit single "MAMA" with Jonas Blue. I feel he has so much more success coming his way and it's just the ...
🔥💪🏽|| On behalf of @purefit_lifestyle and myself I would like to welcome our newest IFBB PRO athlete @andrek223 to the #pfls family!! Welcome to the family Andre!!

He is 6 weeks out from the @asiagrandprix_official and I'm very excited ...
With the fellas backstage before they hit the stage for finals. 🙏🏽 #purefitlifestyle #pfls @body.by.mike @birdybirdlife @purefit_lifestyle
First call outs for #pfls athlete @body.by.mike. It's going to be a tough battle tonight. No spots are locked in and we are going to keep it tight for finals. Best of luck to everyone competing today at the @spectrumfitnessproductions. ...
@purefit_lifestyle athletes are all checked in and ready to go for tomorrow. Best of luck to everyone competing this weekend see you guys tomorrow! @birdybirdlife @body.by.mike #purefitlifestyle #pfls
In the trenches with @purefit_lifestyle athletes IFBB Pro @birdybirdlife and @body.by.mike getting it in during peak week. 3 days out of the @spectrumfitnessproductions Golden State. Hope y'all have a great day! #ifbbproleague #purefitlifestyle #pfls
🎥: @0fficial.ryan
You win when your team wins. Some of the @purefit_lifestyle athletes getting it in. TAG your squad!
📷: @heyxmarc
#winnerscircle #family #purefitlifestyle #pfls
Cut from a different cloth, I take pride in results. Have a killer Tuesday guys! #purefitlifestyle #pfls
Clips from last Wednesday night which is our weekly smash session with some of the @purefit_lifestyle squad in San Diego.
#latspecial #leftrightmiddle #backattack #purefitlifestyle #pfls
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN inside and out!! Wishing you more blessings, happiness and health. Love you to pieces Mama!! ❤️😘 #mamasboy #happybirthday #myqueen #purefitlifestyle #pfls
🌵🖕🏽|| Leg day training on the beach. I don't think @elle5fitness was too fond of training legs in the sand the other day. Look out for her as she will be making her way to the stage soon. #legday #beachworkout ...
😈😈|| It's been months since we been able to catch up and get a lift in. My bro @jeremy_buendia is looking ahead of schedule for @mrolympiallc. 6 more weeks to go! Best of luck to everyone getting ready for the ...
Got in a nice little pump with the fellas today. We ended the workout with @nimai_delgado challenging us with some crazy push up. Swipe 👉🏽. Happy Friday y'all! @bigsean.f @terry_fidelis @purefit_lifestyle #flexfriday #freethenipplefriday #purefitlifestyle #pfls
🙌🏽💪🏽|| It wasn't that long ago when @willsinge was struggling to complete 100 pull-ups. Now days he's adding some weight to his pull-ups. Couldn't be anymore proud of his progress, he's gaining strength and muscle in all areas and is ...
Some chest day blasting with @purefit_lifestyle athlete IFBB Pro @birdybirdlife. #chestday #purefitlifestyle #pfls
🎥: @0fficial.ryan
Walking into the restaurant to steal yo food. #hangry #vegas #purefitlifestyle #pfls
🙏🏽🏆|| 3RD PLACE finish tonight, just one spot away from that pro card!! This is @purefit_lifestyle athlete @joedieselroman first national show and 4th show overall. His time will come shortly to turn pro. Couldn't be anymore proud of him. The ...
🙏🏽🏆|| Extremely proud of @purefit_lifestyle athlete @ddub_physique_srt!! We brought home 4th place tonight but the journey continues. Congratulations DaJuan! We ain't done yet! #npcusa2017 #top5 #winnerscircle #purefitlifestyle #pfls
First call outs for both of the @purefit_lifestyle athletes @joedieselroman and @ddub_physique_srt! Couldn't be anymore proud of these guys! We are going to keep it tight for finals and hope for the best. Amazing work today guys! @musclecontest #npcusas #firstcallouts ...
Just checked out the guys and made some minor posing adjustments, they will be ready to hit the stage tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone competing at the @musclecontest #npcusas! See you guys there! @joedieselroman @ddub_physique_srt @purefit_lifestyle #vegas #usas #purefitlifestyle ...
If you only do it once in a while, don't get mad when you only get results once in a while. @missanj9 @purefit_lifestyle @willsinge
#purefitlifestyle #pfls
It's always good to try something new. When was the last time you tried something new? Thanks to @prove_it for the tips, I'm gonna be flying soon. It's mid week, let's finish off the week strong! #purefitlifestyle #pfls
Killed some chest last night with @nimai_delgado. Here is a list of the exercises we hit.

1. Single arm hammer press (across body) - 4 sets of 8-12 reps.
2. Incline (reverse grip) barbell press - 4 sets of ...
#mondaymotivation 🏁|| If you ever see somebody standing next to me, know that they are better than me at something.

However in this case when it comes to singing @willsinge doesn't stand a chance. 😎

Rocking the @purefit_lifestyle ...

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