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I just want to say, that this is the reason I do what I do. I love to create, and I love to reinterpret and adapt, I love to see you guys get just as excited as I do about ...
Oops, I slipped.
*Enclave intensifies*
SURFACE texture enhancement has released for both Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition and is available for download on the Nexus sites.
V00.1A adds new normal maps for the males of each humanoid race, expanding on and distinguishing the races of ...
Been on a bit of a kicker tonight, making some new textures for TES:V, lots of fun! #skyrim #gameart #mods #elderscrolls
Go and get it! Alpha version of the Chinese Stealth Suit is live on the nexus, console version to come soon!
Got @bethesdasoftworks #skyrimremastered? Our first release will include a brand new class of draugr. With new assets, including different hair, beards, swappable facepaint, and varying clothes/armor makes it easier than ever to keep hairs raised, and tensions high as you ...
Goodnight wasteland!
3 finger...or less, not picky!
Raider Repairs: Service at a 3 finger discount!
Can't forget IG! Same as yesterday, but @fallout 3's Hellfire is coming soon to the commonwealth!
Let's just ignore the chappy cellphone picture earlier, MORE 4!
Well, that's new!
Had a lot of fun speed sculpting this guy, haven't had the opportunity to do any fun sketches in a while. #sculpture #monster #gameart
Art assets have been finalized. Off to Unoctium for plugin dev. Soon, the Hei Gui Stealth suit returns to @fallout 4.
Head on over to for more behind the scenes work on bringing the Chinese stealth suit to @fallout 4. #falloutnv #fallout3 #fallout4 #fallout #fallout4mods
Tune in again today at 3pm PST for more @fallout 4 mod development at #fallout #fallout3 #fallout4 #fallout4mods #falloutnv #crimsondragoon
Putting some work in on the Chinese stealth suit for @fallout 4, come hang out at #fallout #fallout3 #fallout4 #fallout4mods
Lots of WiP, and lots of work ahead for the upcoming update to our @fallout 4 mod, bringing @obsidian's NCR Rangers to the Commonwealth. Material modifications, scrap-metal upgrades, personalized decals, and more are waiting, visit your local mod hub for ...
Closeup WIP of a few unique Hunting Revolvers for the July 3rd update of @obsidian's Ranger gear for @fallout 4

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