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Here is a trippy photo of the day. One is 16 and one is 9. One is a runner and one is a ballerina ... #funnygirls #lovethem #summerfeet
These Llama's are loving their tacos... Reminds me of you @sueblue44.... #thisishowwegetthroughchurch @that.cat._lady
Shark boy and lava girl. I love it when I run across old drawings from @lilac_snack
Seems like whenever the worker guys come to fix something at the house they also leave a little reminder to let us know they were here..... Don't worry. We replanted...
When your middle name is Oreo....
First year for this kid at camp. Off with big sister and the house is quite. Biggest sister joined them both for the day on a humongous hike. #campers #hikeday #tooquite
#nofilter because I want to document this baby.... It's going to blend in well later but for now my kids make me wear a scarf at dinner time. A shout out to all the lovely people in my life who ...
Sweet little firework buddy #4thofjuly
Are cats supposed to have baths?
Zombie wedding.... order yours today
This pretty girl went to help with her friend’s sister's wedding today. Guess what she brought..... her awesome art
I wish I could capture the colors! This is amazing! @taddynat @lilac_snack
You are seriously missing out if you are not taking advantage of my kid's classes! Sign up in comments or text me
Remember when every dinner was like this? #littleo
To the man that keeps on going on this crazy adventure of life with me. He is the best daddy to the sweetest little ladies. So patent with the tears, bras all over, late for date nights so he has ...
Throw back.... Wish they didn't paint over this when they got a new teacher. Love my little artist girl...
I saw this at the Idaho Falls library the other day and about got shooshed cuz it's so funny!
My baby is all grown up. What an amazing lady you are my sweet girl. #alwaysmybabygirl #1
Some people open for bands, my kid opens for graduation! #vocalspectrum #1
She is smiling because she has the same color door as ME! #copycat #iloveoprah #greendoor
I might be making myself cry a little bit. #highschool was just #preschool #1 #herfavoritesweater
Finished this sweet thing and sending it off to a sweet soon-to-be mama. I find it much easier to express my love for people by creating something. So excited for this sweet lady as she becomes a mom.
So proud of my kid. She tried out for this awesome vocal group and made an amazing year of it. Sang her heart out and made her mama cry. #1 I am going to miss your performances. #soproud #senior #byu ...
She's always been a daddy's girl. #5 #cookie
Little girl. When did she get so big? Grown up, old, mature, and ever so lovely. Love spending time with this cool cat. #3 #favoritemiddlechild😎
This kid is amazing. She is the brainchild behind this year's unique yearbook concept. With the help of her late teacher, Mr. Prescott, she came up with and designed this beautiful beast of a book! So proud of her and ...
What? How could I forget to post all these cutie pix!
Shots deserve from @orangeleaf #5 is gangster at getting shots! She took it like a tiger.
This kid is working on her own sliver. Less painful than me doing it. In the end we just put a bandaid on it for later but she is a tough cookie! #5 #cookie

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