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My kid ...........
Bahahaha! I found this on #ig the day I couldn't make her appointment and she had to go alone. She felt snookered! #collegebound
She asked if she could draw a mustache on your face. It was worth it to hear her giggling in the bathroom if she produced such fine art.
Donated this quilt to a shelter here in town. Helped me remember my blessings and beautiful life.
Need a quote? My girls collaborated and the customer is pleased! #2 painted and #1 did the #letterinf
Started in the trunk, moved to the back seat and eventually drove after I got rid of the schools kids. My car was in the shop so kid car and adventures!
Learning as I go. And it usually goes where I go. This blanket is almost done and I can't wait to start another. Thanks for the inspiration @daisyfarmcrafts - you are amazing
"I am batman"
Love taking a few hours at the college bookstore. And my little one was so excited about my benefits....she named walking through this door specifically. #punk #4 #mademelaugh
Had such an awesome birthday. Partied with my babies and awesome husband. Snuck off to this show with my oldest. So fun to laugh through most of it and can't wait to tell someone to "take off their 👓 glasses ...
Little sidekick
For posterity. When my kids ask what I look like when I was 40
"I'm making a memory, Mom! I'm taking a picture of the temple!"
Everyone needs a birthday sign! On of my favorite birthday gestures. "I'm 40.....free from 39" Whew! Finally! (It's supposed to go on front but I didn't want to mess it up with the dishes.)
My ponderizing scripture of the week. I need to be better about these. I love what is being said here and I know my Heavenly Father wants me to feel the same. 2 Nephi 1:15 #ponderize #lds
Little spring 🐥 chicks
Last day of preschool for this kid. I forgot to post but at least I remembered to snap it! We jumped into the car for spring break pretty quick that day and ran off for an adventure. She loved going ...
She asked if she could. Totally worth the giggles I heard as she drew it on in the other room. #5
My baby girl is almost not my baby. #timehaswings
She loves her new hoodie. #5
Because eating oranges is a party with this one #3
Some of my favorite people
One way to go about it....#california #ryansmomcares
These two. Such a beautiful pair. #1 & #2
More amazeballs friends. My girls are just so lovable. #choiristhecoolest
This kid has the best friends. I think it's because she is the best. #choiristhebomb #cutiepiegirls
Sometimes free sunglasses can make your whole life feel awesome. #5 #fifthwheel #tourbuddy #byui
Thanks @byuiadmissions for the tour today. Hard to believe she is not mine much longer.... #timehaswings #byui or #byu

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