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My baby is all grown up. What an amazing lady you are my sweet girl. #alwaysmybabygirl #1
Some people open for bands, my kid opens for graduation! #vocalspectrum #1
She is smiling because she has the same color door as ME! #copycat #iloveoprah #greendoor
I might be making myself cry a little bit. #highschool was just #preschool #1 #herfavoritesweater
Finished this sweet thing and sending it off to a sweet soon-to-be mama. I find it much easier to express my love for people by creating something. So excited for this sweet lady as she becomes a mom.
So proud of my kid. She tried out for this awesome vocal group and made an amazing year of it. Sang her heart out and made her mama cry. #1 I am going to miss your performances. #soproud #senior #byu ...
She's always been a daddy's girl. #5 #cookie
Little girl. When did she get so big? Grown up, old, mature, and ever so lovely. Love spending time with this cool cat. #3 #favoritemiddlechild😎
This kid is amazing. She is the brainchild behind this year's unique yearbook concept. With the help of her late teacher, Mr. Prescott, she came up with and designed this beautiful beast of a book! So proud of her and ...
What? How could I forget to post all these cutie pix!
Shots deserve from @orangeleaf #5 is gangster at getting shots! She took it like a tiger.
This kid is working on her own sliver. Less painful than me doing it. In the end we just put a bandaid on it for later but she is a tough cookie! #5 #cookie
Went down Wednesday and had a sweet time with my little family. So thankful they are mine forever. Got a little misty-eyed as we walked through the temple we were sealed in 20 years ago. So many sweet moments in ...
I like this kid. Kinda a lot.
# bahahaha #localfun these guys have some fun and it makes me smile to drive by
Same dress as the poster? Pose worthy! #dadisthebest
@classicdonald makes me smile a lot. Stole this from them. Shouldn't we laugh a bit more? #nomoreseriousness #letsjustlaugh
She's a little excited! #girls
Tbt....these two are besties, always
My kid ...........
Bahahaha! I found this on #ig the day I couldn't make her appointment and she had to go alone. She felt snookered! #collegebound
She asked if she could draw a mustache on your face. It was worth it to hear her giggling in the bathroom if she produced such fine art.
Donated this quilt to a shelter here in town. Helped me remember my blessings and beautiful life.
Need a quote? My girls collaborated and the customer is pleased! #2 painted and #1 did the #lettering
Started in the trunk, moved to the back seat and eventually drove after I got rid of the schools kids. My car was in the shop so kid car and adventures!
Learning as I go. And it usually goes where I go. This blanket is almost done and I can't wait to start another. Thanks for the inspiration @daisyfarmcrafts - you are amazing
"I am batman"
Love taking a few hours at the college bookstore. And my little one was so excited about my benefits....she named walking through this door specifically. #punk #4 #mademelaugh #workbenifits
Had such an awesome birthday. Partied with my babies and awesome husband. Snuck off to this show with my oldest. So fun to laugh through most of it and can't wait to tell someone to "take off their 👓 glasses ...
Little sidekick

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