Erica Eskeli (S•kel•i) | @eskelicreative

Happy girls are the prettiest! But great hair doesn't hurt! Cut and color by yours truly
Can you tell which hairs are real? This client wanted to add stray hairs to create a more messy look
Healing your brows is no joke! I love it when my clients share there ideas on how to keep their brows dry! #babe #thestruggleisreal
When your bestie sends you flowers because it's been a rough week @olsonzachery thank you Zachy I love you soooooooo much! @zacholsonhair
I do other creative stuff too! Hand tied tassel earrings made by me to enhance different hair colors. Ps I am getting a real good face lift from that bobby pin!
Not your grandmothers eyebrows! I wish this pic did even half the justice this transformation deserved! #gamechanger
This gorgeous alopecia baby getting some base stokes, just wait for the end result in early September!
First pass on one of my clients with alopecia, thanks for trusting me with your face!
I love these strait asian brows on this gorgeous model!
Trichotillomania is a disorder that causes an unrelenting need to pull out ones eye brows and eye lashes
Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful face my darling you look stunning!
The top picture has a tan line from never going with out makeup!
I am so blessed that I get to love what I do for a living but like any job it can be stressful, I am so lucky to have this guy in my corner cheering me on every day! 1 ...
No more tadpoles!
I love this fluffy look so much!
I am dying right now!! My clients are constantly getting creative to keep their bows dry! Good job girl! #healingisaprocess
Brow crushing so hard right now!

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