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@rob_machado riding The Midas at Uluwatu might be your favorite Instagram feed find of the week. Enjoy another brand new video from Rob in our bio link. @rob_machado_surfboards
@marley_puglielli has been traveling around with a quiver of @slaterdesigns boards and it looks like a trip we want to be on. Swipe 👈🏼 to see more.
If you surf La Jolla, @johnnynoris is probably behind you. In the air. On a Helium Spitfire. @dan__mann 📸 @boskophoto
@rosswilliamshawaii isn't just competing against @rob_machado this week in the Maldives. He's also surfing his shapes. @rob_machado_surfboards @fsmaldives @tropicsurf 📸 @seanscottphotography
ROB WINS! Swipe 👈🏼 to see the wild wave crafts @rob_machado brought to the @fsmaldives contest || He won the Single Fin Division already and we're anxious to see what he does next in the Twin Fin Division on a ...
@kellyslater's Helium Gamma is now at nearly any surf shop you walk into. Designing this shortboard was a collaborative effort between Kelly and many in his circle who surfed it and gave valuable feedback. The end result is an incredible ...
Jess Lambert's art on The Almond Butter is a sight to be seen. And her voice on The Wire is a sound to be heard ( 🔊 bio link). @rob_machado_surfboards @rob_machado @_jesslambert_ @halcyon_lines (🎶 by @hakim_kronicle)
@rob_machado has been going left and getting barreled on The Midas all year. And now it's your turn. This @rob_machado_surfboards shape has just arrived in surf shops for the first time, and you can explore dimensions in our bio link. ...
The Midas is now at surf shops. And @macemull has been making rounds on Oahu with @scotts808 and @elak808 capturing action on this @rob_machado_surfboards LFT shape.
@timmymissions took The Midas to Mexico with @russell_holliday, one of our favorite photographers. See the entire trip on @surfline in our bio link. @rob_machado_surfboards
It's Demo time at @killerdanasurf. We'll be here all weekend in Dana Point, CA from opening on Saturday to closing on Sunday. Come surf LFT, Timbertek and Helium shapes by @dan__mann @slaterdesigns @tomo_surfboards and more, for free. #thefutureunderyourfeet
SKX above the lip. Toes on the nose of a TJPro. Swipe 👈🏽 to see how diverse @kh1_w1ll1ams quiver of @tomo_surfboards, @slaterdesigns @pyzelsurfboards and @dan_mann shapes is. 📸 @mitch_imgraben @melwill_ @chris191
It's almost @surfaid Cup season in Malibu! With help from @rob_machado and @shanedorian, we raised 15K in 16'. Help us this year in our bio link.
If you're not yet in the know, SURFAID literally saves lives in the villages ...
Yes, @pachalight really IS stoked. Swipe 👈🏼 to see why. 📸 @billabongwomens, @adrenalineshots, @moophr, @juan_medina_jcm
How's THAT for a light at the end of the tunnel 💡. On this morning @stueykennedy sent a 6'3 SKX into several caverns like this one. You'll find more waves from this session on his page. 🎥 @letitshine_video @tomo_surfboards #thefutureunderyourfeet
For the first time - Midas dimensions are now live on our website. @rob_machado has been taking this LFT shape everywhere for the past ten months, and you can take it to the wave by your house in less than ...
You can ride a Go Fish (or a Chumlee, Dominator, Sci-Fi and more) for free, starting today at @clairemontsurf. Our demo van will be parked there until August 5th. So come grab a board if you're in San Diego. Because ...
Hey @rosswilliamshawaii you've got some gems headed your way for the @fsmaldives Contest at Kuda Huraa presented by @tropicsurf ... L to R- Helium Gamma, LFT Midas, LFT Grower, LFT Midas, Helium Stubby Bastard. We're excited to see you get ...
If you've read @easternsurfmag this month you've already seen @austinaronsson on his 5'10 Timbertek Dominator... but for those who haven't, here's the shot by one of New Jersey's best 📸 @jerseymike
We gave @timmymissions a Midas in March. He's been surfing it since. You can surf it when it hits our demo fleet, and surf shops everywhere, in two weeks. 📸 @hersheyspix @rob_machado_surfboards
Helium Dominators are in the Demo Van. And you can surf them this weekend in Encinitas, CA because we'll be at @conceptsurfshop tomorrow (Saturday) from 8 AM to 12 PM. That's 215 W. D St. Encinitas, CA 92024. Come surf ...
@mia.mccarthy_... She rarely steps off her @pyzelsurfboards step-ups, but when the swell drops in West Oz, she steps onto an SKX by @tomo_surfboards #thefutureunderyourfeet
@bourezmichel has been taking apart these J-Bay lips on his @pyzelsurfboards shapes all week. Can't wait to see what he does in round four, heat four. Looks like it will run tomorrow.
📸 @toddglaser catches @stueykennedy during J-Bay's golden hour.
@stueykennedy enjoys J-Bay for the rest of us who can't be there. #coronaopenjbay 📸 @toddglaser
Demo Tomorrow. L.A. County Line. 8 AM to 12 PM. Come surf Go Fish, Dominators, Sci-Fi's and more. Waves look fun. @dan__mann @slaterdesigns @tomo_surfboards @pyzelsurfboards @rob_machado_surfboards
@taylorjensentj takes his 9'0 TJPro into an Australian green room. 📸 @di.ellis [email protected]__mann
In three weeks there will be more than just one board in the lineup designed with @rob_machado's uncommon approach to bottom concaves. The Midas on the left. The Go Fish on the right. @rob_machado_surfboards
John Moore holds his favorite @rob_machado_surfboards shape. Get to know the creative mind behind @kellyslater's @outerknown in our bio link. @bonfirebeachkids
Don't let the @corona open J-Bay speed by you in a blur. It looks like Friday, Sunday and Monday might be action days for @stueykennedy @bourezmichel and the rest of the @wsl's best. Download the @wsl app to watch the ...

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