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Our friends at @dogoodbus need your vote now! Help them get funding and continue to #connect people and #charities. #la2050 VOTE:
Running for #movember and #menshealth @MustacheDache
Remember when we painted that mural at Warren Elementary with @SJLI_CA? It's the #fosterchallenge version of @mrpontwee #tbt
Lots of familiar faces at the NKLA Grand Opening. #nokillla #bestfriendsanimalsociety
Touring the new @NKLA Adoption Center on Pontius Ave with @mrpontwee. #bestfriendsanimalsociety
Poor little guy. At least there are #donuts close by.
Having a blast at #pipelineforacure with @mrpontwee and @shaperstudios supporting #cysticfibrosis.
Gettin' pretty. Thank goodness for interns!
"Quiet Art" book signing with @IrvsStorytime at #aepforum
Congrats to high school student Akash Shah for his cover design of the @aep-arts #aepforum program.
Great running into familiar faces at the @TOMS Haiti Artist Collective event. #sweetshoes
You can be a #localhero. One #good deed at a time.
Sending off all our @OperationSanta gifts today!
Picking up more letters for @OperationSanta. So fun!
Surrounded by Mo's. Whoa. @Movember
Shooting a little video for @TeamMulu and @Surfrider
If only you could HEAR this picture.
Yes, he does. Quite frequently actually.
Research. @cvfoundation
Creating "on-the-fly" @clothespinmovement pins were amazing gifts for Burning Man
Did I mention these kids are inspiring? #dosomething
Spotted! Mar Vista Little Free Library (Zanja & Walgrove)
A little sad to unpack. (finally)

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