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We have Grilling Gods in both stores! These are massive 11oz size bottles and available in 3 awesome flavors : Sweet Backyard BBQ, Steak & Bake, and Salt Of The Gods. They are amazing tasting AND a ...

We just got in MINT and PURPLE 6 Pack Bags! Awesome! They will go FAST, get in today!
What day is it? I think you know... 🤔 Yep, it’s Freaky Friday! Hardcore Supplements started it, let others copy us, but never be us.
They say imitation is the ultimate form of flattery.
Aww shucks! *blushes*

Anyways, today’s Freaky ...
Good morning Hardcore Brethren! It’s an AWESOME day to get out and get working towards your fitness goals! Quit slacking, and get your asses down to Hardcore today. We can help get your goals in sight and realistic. I’m at ...
Who’s always getting in cool stuff? Why Hardcore of course. Egg Crackers/Separators, Food Scales, TBSpoon Scoopers for your Peanut Butter, and more! Stop in today and check it out!!!
Make a stop at Hardcore today and pick up some last minute gifts. Popular items:

VersaGripps $59.95
6-Pack Mini, 300 Series, 500 Series $59.95-$99.95
Bang Drink Cases $23.88
Lifting Straps and Wraps $5.95-$22.95
Digital Food Scale $12.95
Lifting Chalk $2.95
It’s Freaky Friday again at Hardcore!
**** Spend $20 Get a free Bang!
**** Spend $50 Get a free Bang AND a Hardcore Towel!
**** Spend $100 Get a free Bang, Hardcore Towel, and 400g Creatine!
***** Come in today people!!
Proof there’s someone out there for everyone. How nice of my barista.
Right, like that’d ever happen, just kidding, I did that myself.

Anyways, if you want to see my ugly, bearded mug, I’m at the Downtown Store.
One of the coolest present you can get anyone is a Six Pack Bag for Christmas! Almost everybody can use a food bag, and they’re available in three different sizes. The mini, the 300 series, and the 500 series. When ...
It’s Christmas at Hardcore! We got the Christmas trees up at both locations and it’s a happy Christmas-e feel! Come see me at the south store or go up and see Penny at the North satire today!
It’s Freaky Friday at Hardcore today! That means that if you spend over $100 at the Downtown Store, you’ll get a free Shaker AND a free 400g container of Creatine! If you spend over $100 at the North Store you’ll ...
We have Humapro by ALR in stock! If you don’t know what this is, look it up! It’s basically a protein engineered for humans. With literally less than 1% waste (unlike Whey which is 84%). It is manufactured in a ...
We got a damaged Full As Fuck on our shipment today. It’s all there, the seal broke during shipment. $20 to the first person that wants it. Blue Raspberry - Downtown Location. Come and get it!!
Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition Real Food Bars are in stock at our downtown location!
Jim Stoppani’s Pre Jym doesn’t do shit.
——— Don’t fall for the hype. It’s hard not to want to buy Jim’s stuff after he pitches it in his videos. He can sell. Unfortunately when studies like this come out ...
Let’s have some sex today people!! SEX NOX is an amazing non-stimulant preworkout vasodilator/performance enhancer that tastes amazing, AND doesn’t break the bank! With a healthy dose of Citrulline, Creatine, Tyrosine and Norvaline you are sure to get those skin ...
Good morning Hardcore Army! Are you missing your DMAA preworkouts now that they have been pulled from production? Did you know that there is a almost identical (but better) ingredient in Sidewalk Kraka?
DMHA also known as Octodrine is still ...
With Christmas right around the corner, a gift certificate to Hardcore is the perfect present. We print them here on card stock personalized with their name. Come and get em!
More and more and more happy customers! Thanks for your loyalty and business Spokane!
Just some of the customers so far today who got some awesome Hardcore goodies with their purchases! Happy Black Friday everyone!!
Get some free goodies with your purchases today!!
Possessed is back in stock! The preworkout/Test booster all in one!
Guess who’s at the North Store all day today? Yep, me! Come down and say hi!
Available in 100g and 400g sizes at your local Hardcore Supplements!

Creatine HCL works well because adding the hydrochloride group to the creatine molucule lowers the pH of the creatine, making it more acidic.This drastically increases its solubility in fluids. ...
Just a reminder people, we are FULLY STOCKED with over 40 cases of Bang drinks, all flavors are in and only $1.99 all day every day! BOOM!

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Blackmarket products are back in stock at both locations! Adrenolyn Bulk Adrenolyn Cuts and Fierce Tone.
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Seriously. You get what you pay for. That shit at Walmart and Costco is usually junk.
Do you eat plants? Well you’re in luck! We’ve got a good selection of plant-based and vegan proteins at Hardcore. Come down and check them out today!
I’m at the downtown store all day today, Kaitlyn and Krista are running ...

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