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Yep, it's that time again! Since I've been using a lot of Olive oil in my meals lately to get my calories and fats up, I figure it's time for an Olive Oil education.
In April 2007, US Marshals ...
A pic for the new store!
Guess who's got a new store opening up downtown? Yep, that'd be us!
3 new flavors of Sidewalk Kraka just landed. Sour Apple, Grape, and Cotton Candy! We ordered almost 150 units, so we are stocked up for all of you guys and gals!!
We now have the Flapjacked Cookie mix in! Yummm!!!
It's AWESOME when an old friend comes in out of the blue! Damn man, it's been like 15 years and seems just like yesterday we were training clients side by side at 24 Hour Fitness Hillsboro! Great to see you ...
New addition to the Hardcore line-up. We're now carrying Betancourt products thanks to chatting with David Johnston this last weekend at the Emerald Cup. David is a rep for Betancourt, and is heading to the USA's in a couple months ...
Competitors, we are fully stocked up on all the goodies that you need for your show! Color, glaze, diuretics and more!
Big Chris Ward from 5% stopped in today to shoot the shit. Awesome seeing you today brother!!
Got sex? We do here at Hardcore. We are the exclusive dealer for Sex products (Preworkout, NOX, and BCAA). Nobody else around can carry it. Anybody that has tried it yet knows the NOX (non-stimulant preworkout) is the BEST tasting ...
It's always a party at Hardcore!!!
6 Pack Bags are in stock!

@johncancelino_6packbags @6packbags
SEX NOX is back in stock at Hardcore! The last batch sold out almost instantly, make sure to get down today to get yours.
The leaders of Hardcore. We live the lifestyle we sell.
That hardcore feeling...
We've got Flap Jacked in stock!
Competitors! With all the shows coming up, let it be known that Hardcore has your prep needs covered! Nobody caters to the competitive fitness industry more than us. We have a full line of colors, glazes, diuretics, and specialties. We ...
It's in!! SEX is available at Hardcore now! 😁

We have the trio available... Preworkout, BCAA's and Nitric Oxide Booster (non-stim). Low priced, high quality and tastes great!! Get yours now!!! #sexsupplements #sexpreworkout #sexnox #sexbcaas
Tuesday is a good day to come down to Hardcore and stock up on all your goodies! We have the largest and most diverse selection of supplements and fitness supplies/goods than any other place in eastern Washington. Stop in today ...
Happy St Patrick's Day!
Where else can you cook up your meal #2 at work, hot and fresh, in your socks?!? Hardcore baby!!
Who's got the entire 5% Line? Yep, that'd be Hardcore Supplements. Along with many other popular lines of course.. we have it all waiting for you! Come down today and get some awesome goodies to enhance your workout, recovery, or ...

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