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Wanna win this Cummins powered Jeep? Go enter the giveaway at DieselPowerGear.com
We’ve partnered with @esabweldingcutting to launch a holiday giveaway!! 1) Follow @esabweldingcutting
2) Tag 1 friend!
3) Click the link and my bio and read the rules!
This won’t last long enter now!!! @esabweldingcutting @esabweldingcutting
The night is still very young and the toys keep rolling in! We are very excited to get these in the hands of those in need. We can’t thank you enough for all the love and support this holiday season!
Alright guys it’s the season of giving and the guys over at @edgeproducts are feeling generous! This giveaway contains a Evolution CTS2, Jammer Intake, and a Jammer exhaust system. How to enter you ask??? 1) Follow @edgeproducts
2) Comment what ...
I’m probably gonna learn this same routine and start performing at quinceañeras and bar-mitzvahs on my new @polarisorv Scrambler 🙃
The guys over at @readylift have some awesome new products coming out for the 2017 vehicles! Head on over and see what they have going on @readylift👊🏼
People always ask how I learned to speak Spanish and Portuguese...here’s your answer. When I was 19 I left home for 2 years to serve a Mormon mission in Bolivia and Brazil. I spent a lot of time walking around ...
If you ever see me in public and I’m quiet...remember this.
Got sworn in as Colonels in the Davis County Sheriff’s department tonight...they didn’t give me a patrol car but that won’t stop me from trying to pull people over 👮🏼‍♂️🚓 #theresnowaymusclepassedthebackgroundcheck #takeabiteoutofcrime #scruffmcgruff
You can now buy Ariat boots on our website AND each purchase gets your entries to win our Jeep giveaway! Get shopping now at DieselPowerGear.com —
I haven’t even had time to ride this AWD diesel bike since I bought it back in August...but I did find time to hire the guy who built it! Sam Turner is officially a full time member of the @sparks_motors ...
I’ve decided to do a little more homework before pulling the trigger on a new toy hauler. I want your input...who makes the best trailer and why? Comment please 😬👇🏼
Check out what @polarisorv is doing in honor of building 1 Million RANGERs! Vote for who you think should be #rangercountryusa, and enter to WIN a RANGER for yourself.
I’ve always wanted to build automotive style furniture but never had the time...so recently I decided to just make it happen. This double sided bench is for our new store so people can sit down and try on @ariatinternational boots. ...
Which of these amazing Jeeps will you pick if you win our current giveaway...#rattletrap or #ecosrt? Enter to win at DieselPowerGear.com
Caption this!

Best caption with the most likes wins a box of @sparks_motors gear
81 mph through decent sized whoops today in a stock @polarisrzr...only mods on this machine are a larger @bdturbo kit and @prpseats 😬 It’s crazy how capable these machines are straight out of the box 📦
Universal sign for dunes ahead. #airdownbro
@martinbarkey you built one hell of a machine. Rattletrap did extremely well in the dunes and rocks today. Enter to win this badass machine at DieselPowerGear.com #rattletrap
BroDozer got his pilots license today 🐋 ✈️ #brodozer
The winner of the Rock and Rally giveaway chose Rally which means I get to keep Rock for a while until we sell it. I hauled this load about 300 miles tonight and this truck pulls like a dream!
Here’s a little video that @martinbarkey made of RattleTrap playing in the snow back before he sprayed it with Line-X. This is one bad machine and it could be yours if you enter to win at DieselPowerGear.com
It’s time to put these 2 beasts head to head offroad. RattleTrap VS BroDozer...who’s your money on? #rattletrap #brodozer
How many of you remember the Denali we built on the show? Well the new owner @lordcheyenne has been putting it to work and I must say i'm very impressed with the @deckedusa not budging with that weight💪🏼
brb gotta go mow the mountain
I owe you guys you a Q&A video so here it finally is...lots of important info here so definitely click the link in my bio to watch!
Remember that time we took my baby Zeus to @edgeproducts to get dyno'd? Who can guess the hp??
Don't forget to head on over to @edgeproducts and see all the deals they have going!
Brainstorming time!! What's a crazy vehicle you want to see us build this season?
Thanks to a late night on YouTube and some of the best @baileigh_industrial equipment around we were able to build this crazy somersault truck!
I see you have jokes 🤡
Dang...I was dead set on lowering my new Range but now that I found out my friend J Auston Fab is making a 6” lift for them...I might have to rethink my whole plan 🙃 #jaustonfab #rangeroversport #dieselrover

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