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Naruto vs Sasuke will be a combined print for Season 3!
It originally was going to be separate but since I don't have anyone to wear it with, you can't either.
Im just kidding. Combined print is easier to request ...
Please read if you're interested in custom prints
There may be custom shirts available for a few days like the stickers
You send in a picture, it'll get printed.
But people keep asking me to draw and design their stickers ...
Looking for senpai?
New custom pockets will be released soon!
Keychains that'll be included for S3
Price: $4 for returning customers
$6 for first time purchases
ADD ON FOR SHIRT PURCHASES ONLY. I dont have any padded envelopes 😭
They may be included for free in large orders πŸ˜‰
Fresh off the press.
Some S3 stickers will only be available with certain shirt orders or giveaway.
Custom sticker requests are still open
DM for quote. $3-6
Size= about 7Γ—21cm .
#anime #manga #naruto #sasuke #kakashi #nisekoi #onepiece #neko #nekopara ...
Custom stickers requests are open! Ends in 2 weeks
Want something on a sticker? Send in a picture and it'll get printed.
Stickers are PVC with waterproof layer (sticker may bend)
Each sticker will cost $3-6. DM for quote
Dimensions ...
All you DPS mains out there that always ask the mercy to pocket you. Here's your very own pocket mercy πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
It'll be available during Season 3 release!
Megumi best waifu? πŸ€”
More possible designs for S3 will be release soon! .
Nelliel custom print
Should I do chest prints? πŸ€”
Finals soon? Time to hide under my blanket πŸ‘
Umaru pocket tee for S3 release? πŸ€”
Release date for S3 will be in Jan/Feb?
Follow for updates!
Sasuke. Why wont you come back to the village with me
More designs from Season 3 will be released soon!
Naruto drop for Season 3!
Believe it!
More designs coming soon! πŸ˜‰
Crewneck with a kangaroo pocket? Nani?!
SMALL black crewneck w/ Neko Pocket: $35+shipping ($5-9)
Medium Gray crewneck w/cherry blossom:
Temporarily reserved
Should i sell this? πŸ€” Winter release or never release? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” .
FIRST: @audreyypearl (shirt)
SECOND: @echiiboii (stickers)
*the Megumi body pillow is instant win*
Note: All giveaway contestants will get 20-30% off depending on previous purchase
*Selfie contest giveaway ends TOMORROW!*
Lucky neko πŸ€ 🐱
Thanks for the picture!
Selfie contest Giveaway ENDS SUNDAY 11/12
Megumi is Waifu
Thanks for the picture!
Selfie contest giveaway is extended to this Sunday!
Thanks for the picture!
Selfie contest giveaway ends soon!
Store closes tomorrow! After Oct 31st, just DM if you'd like to order anything!
*Note: Anyone that purchased anything from Season 1&2 BEFORE Nov 1st, will receive a discount for Season 3*
10-30% off depending on purchase/selfie contest .
Store closes 10/31! *If you buy from Season 1 or 2, there may be something extra included in your package when you buy from season 3* πŸ˜šπŸ˜‰
Shirt most likely wont be restocked so if you like something, buy it ...
Should one of these be included in the giveaway selfie contest? πŸ€”
Remember, best selfie with anything from Hsuki wins! Ends 11/10
#anime #neirautomata #neir #chibi #heroacademia #bokunoheroacademia #froppy #eromangasensei #sagiri #kobayashisanchinomaiddragon #kobayashi #kanna #tohru #keychains #itasha #manga #otaku
Want to win 3 stickers? Post a selfie with anything from Hsuki (shirts/stickers) and the best one wins! Be sure to tag @hsuki.us on the picture (not in captions). Starts today and ends 11/10!
*If your profile is private, it ...
All this for for $87? Hmmm is that a good deal? πŸ€”
Shirts original price: $79
Stickers: $12
Anime posters, pin & figurine: Free ($23 online)
#shirt #可愛い #ζœθ£… #フゑッション #일상 #데일리룩 #selfie #fashion #style #collegefashion #穿搭 #ηΆΊιΊ—γͺ #anime ...
Dogs or cats? πŸ€”
Want to wear something that stands out but want it to be lowkey and unique too? Order a pocket tee! All orders are custom. Prices are $20-$28 (it's usually under $24). Just DM for quotes πŸ˜‰
I printed some pictures from mangas on label sticker paper and stuck it on the envelopes. Would you guys like this? They are a waste of paper and ink but I think its kind of fun. If you guys like ...

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