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I have never been good at pretending.
Somewhere there's an award.
Engraved with my name.
For playing alive, despite how many times I watched myself die.
Quila is finally home 6 days after surgery! We have our work cut out for us the next 9-10 weeks, but worth it all when you love something so much ♥️
Good Morning ☀️
Two runny eggs overtop sauté spinach and bell pepper. Green onion, red, yellow tomatoes and some sweet potatoes. Seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and paprika💛
Great night of no gi with my #jiujitsu family ♥️ thank you @lifealteringfitness. I love learning new stuff 👊🏼 #breakpointfc #lifealteringfitness #bjj #jiujitsulifestyle #bjjlifestyle #muaythai #martialarts
Visited Quila today, had emergency surgery on Saturday. Thought we were going to loose her. It was so scary. She is on the mend and will make a full recovery ♥️
Download NOW my @fitplan_app 60 day #fitness challenge the #fullbodyburn for android and iPhone! My 90 day #summerbody challenge is coming beginning of June! Nutrition will be added very soon 🍎 .
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Stay calm. Stay strong 🙏🏼♥️
Such a happy boy!
Do you feel anger, sadness or resentment a lot? Have you ever slowed down to understand what you are feeling and why? How do we feed emotions? An emotion is essentially a habit we can either strengthen or weaken. Expressing ...
Couldn't be more happy with my custom mouth guard from @dcmouthguards. Thank you so much for the design and the perfect fit! Nothing will ever compare ever again 👊🏼 #jiujitsu #bjj #mma #martialarts
Guard drills. Tonight I spent some time working on my movements and flexibility 👊🏼 wearing @breakpointfc rash guard and spats (code: hewardbp) #jiujitsu #bjj #jiujitsugirls #jiujitsulifestyle #bjjgirls #mma #muaythai #breakpointfc #lifealteringfitness
#swipeleft have you seen the new colors in my @hbfcollection "Murves" T-Shirts 😍 (available in size S-XXL) go to (click on new items) I'm wearing a size small. I'm 5'4". Long torso. 36" bust. 136lb. •
Which one is ...
Probley the best tasting combo ever! I'm obsessed! Shrimp cooked in garlic, salt and lemon juice. Zucchini noodles, onion and green bell pepper sauté in olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. Topped with tomato and avocado 😍 @lifealteringfitness
Things I like to do! Taking stability and balance to a whole new level 😆 always challenging myself 💪🏼 TAG a friend to try this out!
15-20 reps each. 3-4 sets - ✔️My exact workout routine on @fitplan_app.
✔️Supplements from ...
I shall wake a phoenix.
Rising from the ashes of the past.
Burning brilliantly, ascending skyward.
What was broken will forge together.
Made beautiful.
Made stronger.
Made whole. .
#happymonday #thinkpositive #bepositive #goodvibes #smile
I don't need to write a long or detailed post about this man, I think our love, respect and devotion speaks for itself ♥️ @lifealteringfitness I love you
Today was such an amazing experience! Thank you coach @bragiao_bjj_mma and @lifealteringfitness for always pushing us to being the best we can be! Congrats to all my teammates, I am all so proud of you! #2ndplace #jiujitsu #jiujitsugirls #jiujitsulifestyle #bjj ...
Time to get lots of rest tonight...competition day is tomorrow! Kru is getting started before me 😆 #jiujitsu @lifealteringfitness
Received my first stripe/promotion tonight! I am so incredibly thankful for my coaches @bragiao_bjj_mma and @lifealteringfitness for all the time they put in and sharing their knowledge. I am extremely grateful! And congrats to everyone else who got promoted! We ...
How I feel about @stancesupplements FIBURN 😆 #energy #thermogenic #fiber supplement all in one. The first product of my very own line "The J Series" by @stancesupplements gets yours and more from Code: HUNNYBUNS •
Snapchat 👻 username: jenheward
Time does not change us, our habits do 💪🏼
New colors, sizes and restock items from @hbfcollection 💜💙💚💛💗 go to to see more (sizes S-XXL) •
Which one is your favorite?
Great seminar by amazing black belts at @fabiopradobjj school! It was awesome learning so many great techniques today! 5 days away from competition 🙌🏼 Thanks to my coach @bragiao_bjj_mma @lifealteringfitness for everything you teach us to be the best we ...
Saturday morning #strength and #stability 💪🏼 12-15 reps each side 4 sets. ✔️My exact workout routine on @fitplan_app.
✔️Supplements from @stancesupplements code "Hunnybuns".
It's a rare moment I can get a great pic of all 3 of my fur babies at the same time! Jäger (oldest) Quila (most chill) and of course Kru ♥️🌾
Drill drill drill. Just some basics. Muscle memory. Improving and perfecting all the small details. Thank you to my training partners @jiujitsu_4life @_natrasha_ We all help eachother improve and make #jiujitsu fun 👊🏼 wearing @breakpointfc rash guard and spats #bjj ...
Just a selfie. Of my face. Sharing a smile. Sharing love. No matter what happens in the world, we have the power to lift someone up or bring them down. Hope everyone has a beautiful day ♥️
::: Bon Appétit :::
It's been awhile since I did this #abexercise. I forget why I loved this one so much. This 💩 burns! You use your full core here and also improve core strength, balance and stability. Throw the scissor kicks in there ...

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