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So stuffed right now. Good thing I start my new workout routine tonight.
@Regrann from @livewellwithkristine - Just saying!!!! What's your excuse this time? Having trouble making workout a priority in your life? Ask me how I can help you! Working out should not be a chore! You can find ways to enjoy ...
This is too hilarious!!
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(Except for the mental plantation sellout turncoat mofos)
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Sometimes you just gotta take a break from all the BS and all the insanity of life and watch #masterchef
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With tensions escalating between #northkorea and the #us a group of journalists decided to take to the ground in neighboring country #southkorea and ask their citizens who they currently feel is the biggest threat #donaldtrump ...
Behind the scenes of what makes "American life" so comfy.... People really do suffer so we can be addicted to technology... 😞😢
And you would know this by all the Wal-Mart's that have been shutting down around the country and being converted into such camps.
He's right. I've blamed for all the shit I went through with people... But I gotta blame them for all the good that will come from it... Because I know exactly what I want now and its the opposite of ...
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Pizza gate is REAL everyone. It is #deeper and way more #devious than you could ever expect. Many #celebrities, #politicians and #rich people ...
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@Regrann from @judahs__mirror - We live in a country where a man can become president after boasting about his ability to sexually assault women with impunity and where the NFL looks the other way as players are accused of being ...

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