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Its a Dreadhead thing. You wouldn't understand 😏 #championhonor #illie #dreadlocks
Got this update today on my Ease App about my son. #championhonor #growfutureking #preemie
The real ones are still riding with me 💯🙏💪 #illie
Just 2 weeks left before I get to hold this little minion in my arms for the 1st time! 😍 Oh how you've grown my Champion. 💪🏆👏 Its been an emotional 2 months but you've been my motivation from the ...
A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. – Jeff Bezos

#illiebrand #illie #getyousome
Guess who is 2mths old today! Champion Honor Lafuente you're such a blessing to my life & the highest motivation I never knew I needed. Thankful to God, the NICU Staff, & Your Mommy for your life! You're doing so ...
If you need to get your Tint on come see us today. Open 12pm-8pm DM me for prices. 💯🏆💪 #illie #superiorwindowtinting #manuel #doingthangs #since2008
One of my favorite pictures right now. Love you both. Sister & her life long bestie.
#illie #414spotlight #mke
Mood 😂 DM me if you trying to get Tinted!
My son is just the most adorable thing breathing. 😍 #championhonor
When you got cuts but you aint even flexing ADD MY SNAPCHAT: @iam_illie
Only you can stop my heart & give me life at the exact same time my son 😍 So thankful for the gift that you are in my life #championHonor #champion #illiesboy ❤💪🏆👶
Left side 2013: 180lbs
Right side 2017: 230lbs
Went from skull & bones to a body I can be proud of. Heavily motivated & highly dedicated 💯💪☝
Real niggas do real Thangs! 💯🔥🏆 #illie #illiehoodies #merch
Found this dope as Mirror at Alpha Studios so I had to get a selfie fa the 1 time
🙌🙏😎 #illie
1 month down, a lifetime to go! 👏💪🏆 Keep fighting my Son, MY CHAMPION 🙌🙏👶
Street niggas fuck wit me heavy though 💯🙏😎 @44bulldawgg

DM me if you want an ILLIE Hoodie.
My son wanted to say Hi to everyone who's been keeping him in prayer. In his little tiny baby heart he appreciates it as much as his GIANT father does. 😂👏🙌 #championhonor #illie #thanks4prayers
Team Red Eye Studio with @dariom5! My Nigga stay putting in work. Told y'all bigger better thangs coming for 2018! 🏆😎💪
$50/Hoodie or 2 for $80! Comes with FREE Albums & ILLIE Decal Stickers! Inbox me for yours today. #illie #gpelmagico #hoodboundent
The weekend is upon us! Step out & have some fun while staying warm & cozy with your Name Brand "ILLIE HOODIE"! Shout out to all my friends & Family who have already showed their support! For everyone else, what ...
DBZ thangs at the Gym all week! #illie #dbz #dragonballz #goku #gym
Never knew feelings could be so true ❤😍🏆 #championhonor
Got this picture yesterday. First official mother & son bonding moment as she got to do some Kangaroo Care. I miss my Son so much. Wish I could be in his presence but I know God is allowing me to ...
Don't be sleeping on ya boy! 😴 Commit to that Purchase #actions2018

ILLIE Hoodies still AVAILABLE! Universal Sizes (Small - 4XL) $50 each or 2 for $80! (Shipping included) Payments via Cash or PayPal/Credit ( paypal.me/iamillie ). DM me to ...
$100 Special for Legal Limit (50% front doors, 35% rear), FULL 35%, or FULL 5% on ANY CAR! DM to set appointment today! #illietints
Shout Out @tj.alen.butler & everyone who's rocking that ILLIE Merch! DM me to place your order today. #actions #illie #tshirt
Free music available on my website:
Need more pics from everyone who has already purchased ILLIE Merch! Its alot of y'all still out there.

ILLIE Hoodies still AVAILABLE! Universal Sizes (Small - 4XL) $50 each or 2 for $80! ($10 Shipping included) Payments via Cash ...

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