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First week went well 💪
Sometimes you'll be presented with the same thing in a different Package to see if you've learned anything 💯😘
All of these niggaz I'm good on😏
Wild... wild... wild... Thoughts... 💋
Happy birthday @queenofharlem genuinely beautiful inside and out See you later 💋😘
#repost with @Repostlyapp Next Tuesday June 27th @straightstuntinmagazine Mixtape's and Models Tuesday's at @angelsclubnewyork feat @iamloadedlux "Talk Dirty" Album release celebration Also @mshustle127 Mixtape Release Hosted by @mscat215 @jazziebelletv @iamdestinymoore @erose__32 @therealchelasway @n_v_dreamgirl @chinkyeyz @iam_sammij_ @shainasnaxx @katherineknunez @msbarbiejamaica @_lowla_thebaddest @itz_lady_melo ...
Check out today's snatched doll! 🤗
____________________________________________________________⚠️Liposuction 365 & Brazilian Butt Lift
📝The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure involves the transfer (autologous fat transfer) of unwanted fat into the buttocks to enhance their shape, firmness and overall appearance. The donor ...
Allure Shops is here! 😝🤗🎁 We would like to announce the grand opening of our online store, Allure Shops. Allure Shops™ is your one-stop-shop for surgical recovery tools, shapewear and medical grade skin care from top-of-the-line brands, handpicked by our ...
Happy Father's Day to the man who can't be replaced, Great father and most of all my best friend Love you babe❤️
Loving my hat from @diggitydoe ❤️ #bornmaven
I'm not anti social I just feel like everyone doesn't deserve my energy 🤘🏽💋
Moore life, More everything💯❤️
Issa Thick Gal 😍🙌
More tune for ya head top , so watch how you speak on my name 💣
Woke up like This ❤️
Stop asking ppl who have never been where your going for directions 🗣💅
I can GPS you, if you need addressing🤑
They just shaking my hand to hide the tension 💯😜
Color Blind 😍 Meet me @angelsclubnewyork Tonight !!!
Issa Snack, well my snack 😍 #mcm
Y'all bishes got the words Boss and Prostitute mixed up ❤️😏
Woke up to niggaz talking like me... 🤷🏼‍♀️
You would think they had a check for me the way they be checkin for me🤑
UNDERSTAND THAT EVEN AN Understanding ❤️ grows tired of being understanding and never understood 💯
Loving my Indian Straight Virgin Hair extensions & closure from . Ladies finally bundles that don't shed or tangle. DM them to place your orders today 💙💜
Any "Friend" that turns into an enemy been Hating 💯🤷🏼‍♀️
Tellin. Ppl that the Money changed me, Nah the Money Saved me 🤑💯
Stopped by to visit my boo @chrissymonroe !!! #brooklyn #nyc #dolls ❤️

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