Iancu Barbarasa | @iancul

Rocking it
Dancing all the way to the top
Switchbacks like a box of chocolate…
A bunch of gents
Chasing clouds up the mountain
Walls all around
Great views, to match the company
Stone free
Burning sensations
If you climb high enough, you might find that the stars are actually oranges
Wheeling to see close to the sea
Setting your own finish line
When you’re happy someone missed the lunch stop because you get to climb back on a wonderful road
Darker thoughts, the closer you get to the light
Like wrestling a giant snake…
Got the blues
The name’s Tom, not Moses
Sightseeing with this great gent
Above the clouds
Feeling blessed
One Frenchman and plenty of Spanish curves
Smiles and switchbacks in heaps
Be goat, my friend…
The strongest wins, but also waits…
Split view
Up through the orchards
Feeling small but feeling great
Old friends on new roads
The sun always returns, no matter how unlikely it might seem at some point

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