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Just check out that needle 😍 used our 10 gauge Teflon coated needle and a 9/16" internally threaded barbell. Shop the link in our bio.
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Business end of a 14g Sharpass needle. Beveled for your pleasure. Shop the link in our bio 😍 Check out our friends page @pathawkpiercing 😄
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Made from medical grade rigid polypropylene. •Single Use •Autoclavable Safe •Easy As 1-2-3

Pierce. Receive. Dispose.

Available In 8ga, 6ga, 4ga, 2ga & 0ga
Stretch stretch stretch. Have you tried our tapers yet? Shop the link in our bio 😍 #repost
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One of my most awesome clients stopped in as per advice from her doctor to pierce her other daith . . . Where as I don't agree with daiths curing anything I will ...
Our products do not use synthetic dyes or fragrances and are free from other chemicals. They are made with high grade ingredients in the USA and have nothing to hide.... they are completely naked! Shop the link in our bio
This lovely lady stopped in for a new piercing. She had only been pierced with piercing guns, so was understandably nervous. Once the piercing was over, she said my favorite response "is that it?!?" See why our #sharpassneedle makes the ...
Off to Norway 🇳🇴... Oslo Suscon 2017- have a great show!!! Hugs #isneedles #suscon #sharpassneedle #safepiercing #hooklife
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Happy day after the 4th- hoping you had a safe and great weekend!
Happy Monday! You can never have to many needle blanks. Stock up and save! We have a large variety of gauges and sizes. Shop the link in our bio
A fresh Navel Piercing by @piercingbytweez done with using the sharpest of the sharp @isneedles
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To honor Jim Wards Birthday the god father of body piercings Punctured Piercings will be taking $10 off your piercing fee. Please be free ...
A high quality sharp needle makes all the difference! Shop the link in our bio 🙄Thank you @lepoinconneurdeslilas for sharing
Looking for feedback on possible new product - disposable plastic bent #receiving tubes- straight cut, 45 degree plus endless bend possibilities.
Let us know your thought😀
NEW PRODUCT ALERT- curved "fish hook" #needles - available in 18, 16, 14 and 12GA - #sharpass and #slickass😀
Joshua Duncan, @simply_modified from @clubtattoo, Arizona.
- Scapha (cartilage) piercing.
Here's a nice spread out triple forward helix @qualitypiercings did using some prong set champagne gems and our #sharpass needle!! :)
Happy Tuesday!! Tag @isneedles on your favorite piercing photos! Repost @zaros_pako
It has been a day full of navels! Don't miss out on blinging your umbilicus!! @zwatsonpiercing used our #sharpassneedle to made the perfect home for this beauty 😍
That needle 😍 Be sure to check out our friend @piercingsbyderekleavell who does awesome piercings!
Naked Salve- healing tattoos since 2006. For tattoo care, waxing care, eczema, psoriasis, bug bites and boo boos😍
New Product Alert- curved tapers now available in pin and threaded😀

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