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Jungle and chill. Photoshoot location with @beefpuffbarbell 📸🌿
Deadlift singles yesterday, heaviest one at 207.5kg, which I'm very happy with.💥
Had a really good time training with @bryce_tsa and @natalie.907 Thanks for helping me calculate pounds, filming, providing music and coffee and overall awesomeness. ☺️
Just some light squatwork today. 150kg 6x2. Thank you @squatsandscience for letting me visit!
New PB today! Two sets 175kg x5 (film) followed by another set of five at 170kg. 😴made me real sleepy..
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Nails done 🍁🍂✨🦎
Tack @martinalindmark !
#martinalindmark @nailshape
200kg x7! Dorito-PR!
The best part about blockpulls is that when I post them on instagram, there's always atleast one dude who tells me I'm "retarded" for thinking this is how you do deadlifts. 😂😭 Every time.
#whataredeadlifts? #help
Old pic with the tank on backwards lol.. but mood is the same!
I just looked at my calender and was like WOAH!? It says flight to New York on monday!? ✈️🇺🇸 How did time go by so fast? I ...
Ny månad, nya fluffiga fransar. Skönt att se lite pigg ut när man är allt annat. Vill du också fixa fransförläning rekommenderar jag @martinalindmark på @nailshape , hon är beyond bäst. 💛
🎃Lite oktober-nyheter:
Är du intresserad av onlinecoaching ...
Squats dese days = 👌👌👌👌
Here are two of the three sets I did today at 170kg x5. A set PR. Also looking real smooth in my opinion.
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I've never done 102.5kg with press command before. (224.8 lbs) 🙂
Todays bench (with commands):
92.5kg - 100kg - 102.5kg (video) - 95kg x2 - 95kg x2 - 87.5kg x6.
And a flyes-PR after all this aswell. Good times!
#bench ...
Uuhh😴😴 Warmup felt amazing but then I had to fiddle and mess about with the earphones and bluetooth and belt and camera and all sorts of stuff right before the set so I sorta lost focus and everything felt technically ...
Maaaaaan form's been feeling good lately. Todays squats: Doing fives at 170kg, 165kg, 165kg & 160kg. (374.7x5 - 363.7x5 - 363.7x5 - 352.7 x5)
As I've mentioned, I am for once not interfering much with programming, which is quite liberating. ...
När man fixat volymfransarna hos @martinalindmark 🙌 Helt bedårande. Tack Martina, du är bäst!
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Blockpulls 200kg x5. Coach @arvid.lind told me to leave two in the tank.. hard to say if I got it right .. lifting without music makes everything feel heavier.
• • •
Key so I've been getting messages and questions ...
@martinalindmark fixar ljuvliga naglar 🍂🍁

#martinalindmark @nailshape #nailshapebysweden
Fourth set outta four at 165kg. Was this a set-PB? I'm not sure.. can't remember. My wristwraps are getting too old that's all I know. 😑
Proof that I train bench. 220lbs/100kg x2
Followed this with tre paused singles, same weight. A little technique adjustment improved things alot (moving the bar further out before starting the lift.)
160kg 5x5.
First and last set on film.
Squats felt fantastic today and so did bench and accessory work. 🌈✨ I haven't much more to add... pretty uninteresting update, haha. Except you know, I wanna post it so I can ...
Six doubles, 150kg, without SBDs (I intentionally left them at home so I couldn't put them on.)
A little technically off and wobbly here but the rest of the sets looked good (When I psyched myself up a bit by ...
Blockpulls. 190kg (418.8lbs) x8 in the first set. so easy 😦? Where dese gains come from?
Training overall is actually progressing quite smoothly. Putting all programming in the capable hands of @arvid.lind and I'm for once not overthinking much of ...
This video gives me goosebumps!
@anarosacastellain is such an amazing lifter and she has continuously inspired me since I started lifting in 2013. Obviously I want that record back, but it doesn't make me any less impressed by her and ...
First set of ten at 140kg without SBDs.
I regretted my decision not to ask for a spotter by the last rep when I thought I was gonna pass out and then again when I kinda missed the rack on ...
foto: @seth_bodymagazine 💙
Gott 🦀🥂
18 reps at 126.5 kg in 60 seconds. Some unecessary rest between reps at the end, maybe could have cranked out a few more if I wasted less time.
@rawgymathletics #deadlifts #rga #heavychallenge
My results today at the Raw Gym Athletics heavy challenge at @rastyrkagym in Växjö (1 minute AMRAP without equipment):
Squat: 103.5 kg, 24 reps
Bench (w/pause): 68 kg, 15 reps
Deadlifts: 126.5 kg, 18 reps
Overhead press: 49.5 kg, 7 ...
Eat yo carbs. 🥔
Sitter och funderar på vad som ska odlas i trädgården nästa år. Vad är egentligen mest näringsrikt i förhållande till besväret och ytan det krävs?
Remove your SBDs, belt and music and things start to feel shitty real quick 😭 Totally out of my comfort zone squatting like this. (Six sets at 150kg)
Deadlifts felt great though. Like super-great. Also pleased with myself for going ...
GRATTIS till @rundbergmy som blev vinnaren av ett nytt set volymfransar hos otroligt duktiga @martinalindmark 🎉🎉🎉
Bara att höra av sig och boka tid!
Fourth set at 140kg x8 💦
..wanted to barf after set nr two, but atleast they look pretty. 🙂
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