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These moved ok but my deadlift groove isn't where I want it too be right now. It's something going on in my head. Don't know what it is, just know I need to figure it out. 😤
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Barbellrows for bench gains. 3sets at 90kg x10.
And guess what? Feeling pretty good about bench right now since I recently discovered something that I think is what they call leg drive. And getting kinda beefy thanks to awesome benchcoaching ...
Summer vibez med nya naglar ☀️ BÄST resultat som vanligt hos @martinalindmark på @nailshape ! Tusen tack som alltid!🙌🌸☀️🐠🌸👙🍦🍉🌸🌊🐬
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Squatting AMRAP at 160kg (352,7lbs) today, form feeling ON POINT 🔥🔥.
✖️CLIP 1: Eight smooth reps but then fail because. lack of oxygen = closed curtain = near death. I'm ready to call it a day when coach @arvid.lind tells ...
Saker jag älskar, förutom styrkelyft och att jag kan ta bra kort med min nya mobil: Gå på salong, FIXA FRANSARNA! 👀✨ Tack @martinalindmark ! 👈 best franstekniker in town. ❤️🙏
@martinalindmark @nailshape
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Triples for deload. Six sets, 155kg x3.
Maskineriet kändes lite rostigt så det här var ett gött pass, precis vad som behövdes.
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A beefpuff is well marbled 👌🍖💛
Side note: to escape studying I'm reading threads about myself on Reddit. So weird. And subthreads about wether or not I'm natty. Even weirder!! I know most of you don't buy into that ...
Barbell row-PR. 100kg (220lbs) x10.
Guess what awaits me now? DELOAD WEEK 🙏🎉💜🎈🎏👾💃🏻✨#praisethelord #sweetmercy #fatiguedasfuck #seeyalater #bye
PS. @wahlanders : remmarna funkar jättebra 👌👌
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Praying for CNS recovery 🙏
A little less than seven weeks out from the classic world championships in Minsk. Feels like this training cycle has taken a little heavier toll on me than my last one, but I'm hoping I'll ...
Lol. So aggressive.👊New deadlift PR att 205kg (451,9lbs) x3.
I'm happy about the strong set but honestly think I was a bit too hyped, because my technique was rather off ☺️ (hence pause for slaps)
Yay anyway! ✌️
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What am I even doing. 🎵😭
Squat singles. 180kg + 190kg. Speed and form on point. 👌
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My very super strict new rowing-PR at 100kg x6. (220lbs). (Ok so I don't really care about doing these strict, I just want to catch up to my benchpresshero/-72 competitor-beefpuff-friend @savvysavit 😌)
I was coaching @hramaker and @sandrasmolotov yesterday at ...
Yay! 160kg x8 🎉 (352,8lbs).
I did eight reps at this weight about six months ago, but then I amost passed out/died in the last rep. Today I felt like I had a few more 😊✌️✌️ #styrkelyft #squat #powerlifting #tyngre ...
Greetings from the alternate universe where I was still at the beach and also had time to do all of them training sessions I wanted and needed to do this week. And everything else. 👋🌊 Loving everything about life, but ...
Fick vårnaglar fixade av @martinalindmark på @nailshape 💅🏻☀️ Alltså, hon är så fantastisk, blir verkligen alltid glad av att gå dit 😻
Original plan was six triples at 155kg (341lbs). Total snooze fest, was feeling extremely unmotivated. By my third set I was like fuck it and repped out a ten instead. Massive PR for all y'alls information. At some point during ...
Girls be like 🌟💪
@yannki @sandrasmolotov
Last day of training here at @playitasresort
Squats (160kg x5 on film) and bench and upperbody.
Perhaps I've managed to pack on some gains this week, partly because the buffé was very tasty but also because thankfully, the gym actually ...
Benchpress in the morning, deadlifts in the afternoon. Life!🙌
Total vacay mode on these deads, haha.. so unaggressive. Still managed 180kg x3, 180kg x4(film). After that I put on KISS⚡️⚡️and did two really good sets at 160kgx8 and 150kg x11. ...
One of the three sets at 160kg and a double at 170kg. 🌝 Could barely lock out because my thighs were all sweaty and swollen from this otherwise wonderful Spanish heat. Loving my vacation very much so far. Eating, training, ...
Med min @arvid.lind på #tyngreclassic5 😌💗
Lashes on fleeeek 👀🙌
Fixat mina fransar hos världens bästa @martinalindmark (på @nailshape ) 😍 Känns ju som att man har hittat rätt när man förutom så grymt resultat dessutom kan prata styrkelyft med sin fransstylist 😬🙏💎♥️😚
A friend sent a clip of me squatting 130kgx2 in what I think is 2013?
Technique has improved a little bit. Also gains. I look so small lol.
#squat #throwback #newbie
Because you make feel like home 🎶🖤☀️
Song by Jubel seemed suitable for how I feel about deadlifts. (All though I did listen to Heaven's on fire in a least one of these sets.)
I guess I'm about to deliver ...
Another day of squats. 155kg 5x5
It always fascinates me how something can feel so shitty yet actually look pretty good on film.
I'm focusing my attention to my lower back each rep as I've found that it gives me ...
Goes who did squats today. Loadz of 'em. 155kg x10000000
#squat #powerlifting #tyngre #styrkelyft #knäböj #krisp #must
Mirin @sandrasmoothie and flexing my goods. 👀

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