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Yesterday was intense. I finished with a 500.5kg total and bronze medal overall, making it to the podium at the IPF world classic powerlifting championships for the third year in a row. My best lifts were 193kg squat (european record), ...
Väskorna är incheckade, naglarna matchar landslagsfärgerna, fransarna fixade, check check check. Tack @martinalindmark för att du gör mig så snygg 💛💙💛💙
Nu lyfter planet strax. @ackimacki och jag landar i Minsk sent ikväll. Hoppas jag haha. Tack för alla lyckönskningar! ...
Perhaps questionable depth but I kinda don't care because this is the biggest squat-set I've ever done ! I thought I'd be alone in the gym today so didn't even think this was gonna happen. So thankful @sandrasmolotov and @arvid.lind ...
Dagens artikel i GP 🗞
(Till er som läser så hamnade en siffra lite fel, Kimberly Walford har dragit 243kg i mark och jag har dragit 207,5.) Och ja, jag blir anfådd av två reps på 200 😂
📰 I'm ...
Last heavy deadlift session (200kg//440lbs 2x2) before worlds. Not very explosive but watcha gonna do..
Kul med så fint bemötande och bra lokaler på Ultimate Training när man var tvungen att nödträna i Halmstad. Sista tunga marken , innan VM ...
@arvid.lind promised he would buy me steak tartare at my favourite restuarant if I did the three sets at 182.5 yesterday (how to coach me 101). Now I'm just sitting here like, when is he coming home, when are we ...
💯182.5KG /401.2 lbs 3x3💯 (all sets on film) and a personal record in the first set ..
Have to say big thanks to my coach @arvid.lind for seeing me through this session. Holy moly. 😵 I have been asked if ...
Japp det var gott. Pannkaka som innehåller: några ägg, havregryn och lite dinkelmjöl för jag hade inget annat mjöl. + lättströ + proteinvaniljpudding och proteinjordgubbscrisp.
Puddingarna hittar ni via länken i min profil. 🍓🥞
Vända jord och flytta på stora stockar - Kan vara det bästa som finns? Alltså att vara stark, det finns mycket bra med det. 🌿
Feelin like hot stuff, deadlifting in my @beefpuffbarbell shortshorts 🐬🍑 They're currently 15% off but if you use the code Isabella5 for additional discount you'll get 20% off 🐳👏🐳🐳👏
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Får väl försöka klämma ner mig i -72 den här gången också. 🍽🍓🌾 #tyngre #eaa #barebells #proteinmilkshake #grötforlife
Two reps at 210kg /462,9lbs. Huge PR. I think I dislocated my jaw a little bit but.. totally worth it. Lifting with support like this around is the best 😌
#deadlift #powerlifting #tyngre #marklyft #styrkelyft
Didn't sleep at all tonight and woke up with a cold, but felt strong enough for a rep-PR anyway, despite what I think is my most shitty training cycle in years. Today's squat at @hpcvaxjo (174x4 + 175kgx4). Self-arranged training ...
165kgx5. Shoutout to @beatrice11 for her first time as a spotter. 😎
#squat#powerlifting #styrkelyft #tyngre #knäböj
Pullups for days. 17 feels pretty good considering where I was at in march (around 10). #meatforbench
Final nominations for the -72kg category at the 5th classic world championships, in Minsk, Belarus.
We compete June friday 23rd.
Watch this mayhem live at
These moved ok but my deadlift groove isn't where I want it too be right now. It's something going on in my head. Don't know what it is, just know I need to figure it out. 😤
#tyngre #marklyft #deadlift ...
Barbellrows for bench gains. 3sets at 90kg x10.
And guess what? Feeling pretty good about bench right now since I recently discovered something that I think is what they call leg drive. And getting kinda beefy thanks to awesome benchcoaching ...
Summer vibez med nya naglar ☀️ BÄST resultat som vanligt hos @martinalindmark på @nailshape ! Tusen tack som alltid!🙌🌸☀️🐠🌸👙🍦🍉🌸🌊🐬
#nails #nailart #nailshape #göteborg #akrylnaglar #nagelförlängning #nails #naildesigns #manicure #nailsofinstagram #nailart #nailswag #instanails #manicureofinstagram #nailsalon #eclair #gelmani #nailpolish #nailbar #manicureoftheday #naglar ...
Squatting AMRAP at 160kg (352,7lbs) today, form feeling ON POINT 🔥🔥.
✖️CLIP 1: Eight smooth reps but then fail because. lack of oxygen = closed curtain = near death. I'm ready to call it a day when coach @arvid.lind tells ...
Saker jag älskar, förutom styrkelyft och att jag kan ta bra kort med min nya mobil: Gå på salong, FIXA FRANSARNA! 👀✨ Tack @martinalindmark ! 👈 best franstekniker in town. ❤️🙏
@martinalindmark @nailshape
#fransar #onfleek #lashes #frabsförlängning #franstekniker #volume #volumelashes
Triples for deload. Six sets, 155kg x3.
Maskineriet kändes lite rostigt så det här var ett gött pass, precis vad som behövdes.
#squatsquatsquat #squat #powerlifting #deload #tyngre #styrkelyft #knäböj
A beefpuff is well marbled 👌🍖💛
Side note: to escape studying I'm reading threads about myself on Reddit. So weird. And subthreads about wether or not I'm natty. Even weirder!! I know most of you don't buy into that ...
Barbell row-PR. 100kg (220lbs) x10.
Guess what awaits me now? DELOAD WEEK 🙏🎉💜🎈🎏👾💃🏻✨#praisethelord #sweetmercy #fatiguedasfuck #seeyalater #bye
PS. @wahlanders : remmarna funkar jättebra 👌👌
#tyngre #barbellrow #barebells #powerlifting @beefpuffbarbell #benchpressprogram
Praying for CNS recovery 🙏
A little less than seven weeks out from the classic world championships in Minsk. Feels like this training cycle has taken a little heavier toll on me than my last one, but I'm hoping I'll ...
Lol. So aggressive.👊New deadlift PR att 205kg (451,9lbs) x3.
I'm happy about the strong set but honestly think I was a bit too hyped, because my technique was rather off ☺️ (hence pause for slaps)
Yay anyway! ✌️
#deadlift #pr ...
What am I even doing. 🎵😭
Squat singles. 180kg + 190kg. Speed and form on point. 👌
#pwrlift #powerlifting #tyngre #styrkelyft #squat #single #knäböj #lightweight #beefpuff

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