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Let's do a 7k GAW!! 3 lucky people will get one of these sweet EDC devices. Follow the rules and you will get a chance at them.
1. Tag a friend in the comments
2. Add #jlmachineworks7kgaw in the comment
I'll take it for the first try.
Little viper mounted on a sd9ve. These things shoot amazing for a cheaper model pistol. Never had one problem with mine. Very under-rated in my opinion.
Thank you for all the new orders that came in and the @shield_sights RMS special run. Due to high amount of orders coming in we are closing the books again until September 1st. Thank you again for the continued support.
I think we got everyone's so far. If I've missed anyone on sorry. Please get an email to me with your shipping info, make and model of slide. If you have a glock I'm offering a cover plate for $25. ...
First kryptek job ever. How did I do? Let me have it lol
Another happy RMS customer
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Shout-out to @j_and_l_machining_works for a great job on my slide

Just got my @hecklerandkoch VP9 flavor "Roland Special" completed with the addition of the @shield_sights RMS to the @hkparts micro comp ...
Sexy photo of the vp9 with our Businessman cut and the new @shield_sights RMS cut. These co witness with factory sights. What other optic can say that?
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The black knight rises
Slide by ...
G19 @MLS_CUSTOMS coated for a customer of mine.
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Premium grip package with spartan helmet on both sides. Coated in distressed Titanium Cerakote.
#glock19 #stippling #cerakote
Needing a bad ass couple 80% lowers. Will not buy from iconic industries.
@mls_customs going to town on the 15 builds for some overseas medics.. #repost @mls_customs with @repostapp
Lots of blasting and Cerakote today!! .
Slides cut by @j_and_l_machining_works
First 1911 mount cut into a 1911 out of our little shop. Turned out super clean. Did a little porting in the slide to show off that sexy chameleon barrel too.
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Here she is .... ...
Factory glock sights co-witness
A @shield_sights RMS on a @smithwessoncorp shield with the factory rear sight position still there. And great co-witness with the low profile sights.
IT'S A GO!!! We recieved far more requests then the first go round. So here's the skinny. If you still want in please email me your name and shipping info to [email protected] I will serve you an invoice that needs ...
Keep getting requests to run another RMS special. If I cab get 10 people to pre order I will run another special. Keep in mind they are roughly 4 weeks to get from the UK to the states through customs. ...
M&P shield, HK VP9, what's next?
Here comes the @shield_sights RMS slides. This nice and snug on the @smithwessoncorp shield series pistols. Even has Co witness with non suppressor sights. Gotta love that. After cutting a few mounts in I have to say I'm impressed with ...
Sitting right at home on top this soon to be sick vp9 build with our Businessman cut. Do we RMR? Yes we do!!!!!!!
Did you know we install @trijicon rmr mounts on 1911's! We do! Just finished this one up for @riotfoto. Be looking for some bling next time you see this slide. #trijiconrmr #trijicon #kggunkote #kgcoatthatshit #haas #haascnc #1911 #slidecuts #sickguns #gunsdaily ...
Great auction a friend is donating to to help financial costs of a mother losing her 7 month old baby. Being a parent myself I can't imagine the pain and sadness of losing a child. My prayers are with their ...
What do we have here? @shield_sights RMS optic on top the @hecklerandkoch Vp40, I think so. More coming up!! #hecklerandkoch #vp40 #shieldsights #dailybadass #badassguns #slidecuts #haas #haascnc #machinist #manufacturing #igmilitia
What a great day to celebrate the best country in the world! So grateful I live here and have the freedoms I do. Thank you to all our customers who have trusted me with your custom orders over these 2 ...
Killer swag just showed up from @sg_armory! Can't wait for my skull cap to get here. Help support those who support you. Thanks again bro!
Clearing out some optics. All brand new just been used to get dimensions off for cuts. Price to low to advertise. FF3 is 8 MOA, viper is 6 MOA and the see all nite sight is the cross hair precision ...
New rm07, JP magwell, overwatch Tac trigger, ZrN coated internals, super light side, trijicon suppressor night sights, grip stippling, index points, and double undercut trigger guard...... $1600
FOR SALE New color on the G34. Comments welcome. Up for discussion $$$$$$$ #guncandy #kggunkote

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