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My ♥️
Still sick but starting to function again. I have a big head. How's ur day? 🎺🥉🎾🌽🐣🔏
New hair. Whaddya think? 💕#richiemademedoit
Some people tell me my style has changed since dating Richie but I think I look the same. I've always dressed this way so don't be a hater mmmkay 😈
CAPTION THIS! Also, new super serious vid on muh channel 😋 YouTube.com/JaclynGlenn
What am I? Superhero or supervillain??? 😈 📷 by: @fotowill @wnpstudios
Had a blast filming my show last week but it feels like I've been sick ever since. 🤧🤒 Plz send prayers!
Happy 4th Mercia!! 💥🇺🇸💥 #fourthofjuly
All the vibez ✨🔮✨ #crystalhealing
Filming my new show today and I'm so excited!!! Photo by: @fotowill @wnpstudios Makeup by: @_fabiolarodriguez
The onion fan club expands... @msblairewhite
About to head to Vidcon! Who's gonna be there? ▶️ #vidcon
My style hasn't changed much 🖤
My cat > your cat
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New vid on my channel! YouTube.com/JaclynGlenn 💕
New vid on YouTube.com/jaclynvlogs where I try on lots of super cute underwear from @meundies!
Get your pair at meundies.com/jaclynglenn :) #meundies 🍕❤️
Check out Shane's podcast. I'm on it briefly at the end 🙃
Night out in LA ✨
Someone will love you, but someone isn't me. 🖤 Watch on YouTube.com/JaclynVlogs 🎶🎹🎶
See what you want and imagine the rest 🖤
Sup fam there a new vid on muh channel it be lit so check it brah I spit mad barz and keep it real so SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON BRO ERrrdAy bRo!! #peace ✌️💵💰🥇 #money #cars #rich #everydaybro #jakepaul #lit ...
This crystal healing necklace sends out positive vibes from the universe to you ⭐️ Just believe in yourself and everything will fall into place 🌙✨✨ #universe #thesecret #motivation #crystals #iwonderhowmanypeoplethinkimserious #jesus #god #spiritual

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