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Was able to hit the gym bright and early this morning. Got a pretty solid back workout in. Might go back for round 2 in a bit!
New deadlift PR too! 340! I swear there were 10s on each side too, ya just can't see em next to all the 45s! 😂

Like I said in the last post I haven't lifted heavy legs in a while ...
New squat PR of 265! There's a funny video that I put on my twitter of my 260 attempt. People getting in the way and knocking over my phone 😂😂 I haven't been training legs super heavy lately, so to ...
Trained like a lion today! Chest day was awesome. Hit a new bench PR (see previous post), and got a sick pump. Hell yeah.
Solo 215! And literally the slightest amount of help for 220. My former bench PR was 205, so today was pretty damn gnarly. Keep pushin, hard work pays off when you train like a lion! @vigorous_apparel 😘😘
Last year I won the Secret Santa match, and cashed in my title match opportunity to win the @mwowrestling heavyweight title in the same night. This year, we repeat. And then I will become the first person to simultaneously hold ...
Saturday is the Fight Before Christmas! I'll close out the year still the IWE Heavyweight Champion, but who is the last to fall in 2017?
Wasn't insanely motivated, but still knocked out a good back workout. It's better to put in even a little effort rather than none at all. Keep pushing forward, you can do this.
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Yesterday's leg day followed by today's arm day! Feeling great, and feeling stronger than ever. Next week I think I'm gonna knock out a PR or two...
It's only failing if you don't succeed and then give up.

The ROH camp didn't go exactly according to plan this weekend. The environment & my anxiety got the best of me, which caused me to not bring my A ...
Well, I was going to take the day off but had some extra time on my hands. So #flexfriday it is! Ready for an awesome weekend of learning and proving myself. ROH, here I come.
Tuesday was leg day, yesterday was back, and today was biceps & shoulders! Great workouts all week long. Just wish the weight would come on faster 😂😂 I am however going to take tomorrow and the weekend off. My body ...
Droppin bodies on the stage.
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"My life is a constant work in progress and I wouldn't have it any other way." Always strive to be better than you were the day before. Whether it's physically or mentally, for yourself or others.

This weekend is the ...
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#flexfriday! Good chest day with some triceps. Decided to stay light with more reps and focus on form and working the muscle.
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Thankful for those who support and motivate me, and keep me working hard in the gym & life itself.. Had a great back and bicep session this morning, followed by great food & people.
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I'm not a fan of the cold, but it was snowing earlier and I was so happy. IWE tonight!
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Heavy back day (not pictured, because I'm terrible with back selfies 😂) with a little bit of biceps because every day can be arm day.
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#shoulders and #biceps in the books. Also don't mind the pic on the left that I forgot to take while still at the gym 😂
#athlete #gym #gymlife #workout #hardwork #persistence #motivation #believeinyourself #journey #growth #gains #gainz #muscle #muscles ...

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