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Editing would be so joyless without her little displays. #cats_of_instagram #catsatwork
I’m a long-time subscriber to Blue Apron. In 2018, they’ve started introducing “Whole 30” approved meals. Makes no difference to me, but as someone who knows how stressful and conflict-laden brand partnerships can be, I would’ve loved to hear the ...
Reading Thomas Merton’s Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander. It feels as relevant as ever. 2018 may be the year I consider joining a monastery. Kidding. Sort of.
Most unique and sad reason for an email newsletter unsubscribe so far. Peace, Miller.
Delighted to speak at the Virginia RWA meeting today - on author platform and book marketing. 😀🌟🤓
One thing I have in common with cats. 😌
Just received ARCs of my book today from @uchicagopress. Look for a giveaway this weekend if you’re on my email newsletter (Electric Speed) list. 🌟
I’ve had these quotes on my Facebook profile for many years now. I frequently consider changing them, but they just never stop being supremely relevant. That, along with The Smiths lyric: “It takes guts to be gentle and kind.”
Yesterday at my blog, I recommended Acuity because I really do rely upon it for my business. Today I woke up to this! This life continues to fascinate. No one in the broader world (outside of the writing community) really ...
Another 2,000-piece puzzle completed and back in the box.
My gift to myself this year: membership in this bourgeois institution. It’s like a parallel travel universe to enter into premium airport lounges with mahogany wood paneling, free snacks, fast wifi, and bountiful seating. I already feel ashamed and guilty, ...
Casey has become so skinny (and old, at 15 years) that Mark bought him a sweater so he wouldn’t shiver on the 2x daily walk.
Mark never ever does anything so improper and slobby as this (only I do). I feel proud that I goaded him into it, although he still looks fairly polite.
We were recently gifted an Amazon Echo device (Alexa) - thank you, @bosacks! - and although we’ve been enjoying it, there’s also a bit of oldster squeamishness around having it listening to us 24/7. So often it’s muted...like this.
Just created my training plan for running the Cville 10-Miler on March 24 - using a training app, Aaptiv, which has a 12-week half-marathon audio training program. Really cuts down on the boredom of long runs (and boredom with the ...
My office chair is a balance ball that gets punctured over time by a cat seeking a warm lap. I finally bought a replacement (so I wouldn’t have to reinflate my seat every few hours), and cut up the old ...
My mom always fixed black-eyed peas and cabbage for New Year’s Day to encourage wealth accrual. Here’s my version: “Million Dollar Stew” - with collard greens instead of cabbage. 🤑🎊
Spending my third (fourth?) New Year’s Eve with @bosacks and friends. Never been a better NYE tradition! Thank you, Bo. ❤️🌟🥂
I think about this question often: is attention enough?
Very excited about these new running tights 🏃🏻‍♀️🌸
Found myself staring at this sculpture for a long time while getting my teeth cleaned today. I am strangely enchanted by it.
With thanks to @edcyzewski for this thoughtful gift. Look forward to many insights and much note taking. 🤓❤️
My new favorite 😁😻
The Chinese buffet is becoming a Xmas tradition with me and @chespo, with thanks and love to @marthawoodroof ❤️🎄
Staying at an AirBnB where the host bakes fresh bread in the morning and brews local coffee. Ready to move in. ❤️🏠
Stopped here for lunch in Mooresville, IN - a truly old-school cafeteria, with carved roast beef and dark brown gravy over mashed potatoes, and roast pork slathered in a yellow mustard and brown sugar sauce. Two (or three?) of my ...
Back home in Indiana for the holidays, where it’s always in season to celebrate farm life. 🐷🌽❤️
Pretty much the best possible greeting card. Thank you, Christine P.
This is, hands down, one of the best and most important things I’ve ever purchased for myself, back in 2007. I’ve now started gifting it to people. I hope I don’t come off as weirdly self-righteous, as the overriding message ...
Achievement unlocked today: first time I’ve had a blog post at my site selected for the LitHub Daily. All kudos to Peter Selgin, whom I first met and worked with as an author in the mid-2000s, while at Writer’s Digest. ...

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