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Addictive Easter gummies from Wegman’s. 🐰❤️
All about #1 today! 🤩💃🏻🥇
PSA: These leaf strippers really work, and make me less resentful.
Somewhat mystified by Zelda’s affectionate interest in this dog bone.
My book’s dedication
Mark = lawful evil, while I’m chaotic neutral (unless the bread goes in the freezer, then I’m neutral evil).
This is a super-grainy repost via @margaretmcmullan, because I can never remember to take photos at business-party-networking events. One of the best parts of AWP is seeing former professors - and I’m so glad Margaret still attends these things despite ...
Another AWP concluded. Look forward to going home and sleeping 18 hours. #awp18 #tampa
In 2017, I had the honor of being a program developer for SNHU’s new online MFA in creative writing. The program is now open and enrollment has exceeded expectations. Here I am with Joan Smith, one of my collaborators in ...
Great reception last night with The Hot Sheet and the Authors Guild, to kick off #awp18 and announce our marketing partnership. Mary Rasenberger to my left and Porter Anderson to my right.
Arriving into Tampa for #awp18
My new book, THE BUSINESS OF BEING A WRITER, will be available at #awp18. Come by Bookfair Booth #547 for free handouts on publishing, or to challenge me with your pub industry questions. 🤓📚
As I head off to Tampa for AWP, Mark is visiting Cincy - which means he pulled out his Donut Trail passport (no joke). He has so far completed 3/9 stops. 🍩❤️
Commemorating the unrequited love of Zelda for Casey, Part 2. 😻🐶 Photo courtesy of @chespo
In 2012 I moved to Charlottesville for a new job, which was a big enough change, but on top of that I also started cohabitating with @chespo, Casey, and Baxter. It was a rough first year, especially for my cat ...
I discovered this recipe about 12 years ago and it’s among the first I saved and mastered. Today my mom requests I make it for family gatherings (and it’s the only thing she has ever requested I cook).
#tbt Me at the AWP Bookfair in 2017 - the first year for the Hot Sheet booth. We’re returning for #awp18 - if you’ll be in Tampa, stop by for free info on the business of publishing. 🤓📖
Scenes of Domestic Bliss, #257
My first food truck experience in #cville (Tacos Gomez), with thanks to @siemprechipil’s other half for the recommendation. 😊
Celebrating the arrival of the first copy with @siemprechipil - and @chespo, H. and K. ❤️
It took me 10 years, but I finally watched the John Adams miniseries. Helpful if you need a little shot of optimism and hope.
First time running in the double digits since 2002! Only one month to go until the Cville 10-Miler. 🏃🏻‍♀️
I am a lifelong minimalist, yet somehow I’ve found myself in long-term relationships, twice, with partners who don’t like discarding anything. Fortunately, Mark does not try to store anything in my writing nook/office - he knows it will get thrown ...
Gratuitous fluff shot #catsofinstagram
It’s so warm here in Cville, I had to get some soft serve from the gas station.
I didn’t figure out what these were in San Miguel, but I wanted to buy them all. #mexico #sanmigueldeallende
This lovely art tile greeted us at the entrance to our host’s house in San Miguel. #mexico #sanmigueldeallende
Our last night walking in San Miguel de Allende #mexico
I first met @lauramunsonauthor in 2011 at the Flathead writer’s conference in Montana. It took a trip to Mexico to cross paths again with this irrepressible writer and teacher! (Pro tip: Check out her intensive writing retreats.) 🤓
Fiesta at #smwc18

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