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We decided to go for a walk around our soon-to-be neighbourhood and see how the condo is coming along and we were happy to see that it's not just a hole anymore🏡🏗
Made a new friend😙🐰
If "April's showers bring May's flowers" than what does May's showers bring? 🤔☔️
@maarisxo curled my hair and it only lasted an hour (maybe), but at least I got one good #selfie 💁🏻
The ultimate bff birthday with @maarisxo consisted of getting our nails done💅🏻, lingerie👙, MULTIPLE happy meals for #mchappyday 🍟, tulips🌷, sushi🍣, and of course, THOMAS RHETT❤️🤴🏻❤️ #mybestfriendisbetterthanyours #imspoiled
Friday well spent with the love of my life🍦#rockypointicecream
Happy 2️⃣4️⃣th birthday, babe!!🎈 @seandubu #boobiecake
Looking forward to a summer full of adventure🍁 #explorebc #adventureday
#selfiesunday w/ my man @seandubu 🏞
Hi🙋🏻 Dis my man💁🏻‍♂️ I love him💏 @seandubu
Smiling because I can finally (kinda) eat like a normal human again🙃 #ireallymissedfood #foodislife #ilikefoodmorethanpeople #shamelessselefie
#appreciationpost for my handsome man😍Thank you for taking such good care of me, not only this past week, but for the past almost three years. I love you with all my heart❤ @seandubu
Though this picture does not do this piece the justice it deserves, I can't help to post how amazing it is😍Thank you @kylehoffarth for creating something so beautiful and for helping me correct not only one, but two things I've ...
Thanks for taking care of me and throwing chocolate at my face when I'm too lazy to move ❤🍫 @smarie2310 #pdc2017
Long locks👸🏻 Matte lips💋 and Big wings🦇 These are a few of my favourite things👌🏻 #shamelessselefie
When you finally visit @smarie2310 but are secretly plotting to steal her kitten💖
My Valentine everyday❤ @seandubu #myboyfriendisbetterthanyours
Sometimes I get kisses from @seandubu ...this wasn't one of those times...😒 #throwbackmonday
Excited for this to be our hood🙈 #nextyearcantcomesoonenough #portmoody
The cutest little toe beans🙈
He hate cuddles.. but he lets me hold his paw sometimes🐾 #sundayfunday #catsofinstagram
Toque weather❄️ #selfiesaturday
He's stoked, really..💍 #catsofinstagram
@maarisxo #imsalty
His lil head tilt and his lil pink nosey💕 #catsofinstagram
Your daily dose of Moosey 🐰 #whoworeitbetter #catsofinstagram
Me poppin' into your life like🤗 @maarisxo #loveyoubff

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