Janelle🐱 | @janellecat

There's nothing more attractive than a man with a passion😍 @seandubu
Literally me rn... #imeithersickordying
Wish I saw this girlie more often, but that just means when I do, it's extra special ❤️👭
His lil smirk makes my heart melt😍
Don't know what I would do without my girlies😘
The happiest of birthdays to the bff❤️❤️
My man😍
@kylehoffarth never disappoints👌🏻#foreverwithmymoosey
STORY TIME🙃 Sean: "Why are you wearing a donut around your neck?" Me: "It's to remind people 'D🍩nut mess with me!'" Sean:😑 Me: *Laughs because I'm so damn funny, obviously*🙄 #dadjokesarethebestjokes
✨"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night" ✨{Flaming Star Nebula taken by my grandfather} #astronomy #nebula #mygrandpaisbetterthanyours
Shoulda bought the shirt..🙃
When I'm a grump I just go through my phone and look at the abundant amount of cat pictures..🤷🏻‍♀️ #ineedakitty
Matte&Glitter lips because I like shiny things, but I'm also basic af🤷🏻‍♀️ #shamelessselfie
They're literally a PURRfect pair😻
This is my happy place😭❤️ #allthecats
Thanks for the well overdue cut💇🏻💖 @mz.ay.kay
Only half of my face because my other half is still in Alberta🙃 #alreadymissingyou @zoozoothompson
Morning snuggles w/Dibbles💖
Dibbles got tired of my shit pretty darn-tootin fast...🙄
Quality time with Dibbles😽
Cheers, Cat🍻 @zoozoothompson
Ain't that the #truth 🙃
☀️Sundays are for long drives and good company☀️
We decided to go for a walk around our soon-to-be neighbourhood and see how the condo is coming along and we were happy to see that it's not just a hole anymore🏡🏗
Made a new friend😙🐰

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