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❄️💙❄️💙❄️💙Winter blondes are ice cold @therealslimschafey ❄️💙❄️💙❄️
Mulled Wine Balayage for my doll face @yanomanipanda
Blonde transformation for my babe @t_foil
✨Gilded strawberry for Jessalyn ✨
Hello love bugs I will be in Saint Lucia December 1-5. Please email me for any Hair inquiries at [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Stay beautiful 😘
Rich tiger eye Balayage for Minjain 🔥 to create this look I used #mtp w/ 20 and 30 vol. Then toned her with #dialight 8.23 8.3 and 7.4 warm up your winter with me 👑
Iced latte Balayage for this sweet soul @what.it.doux . Natural hair is magic 🔥
Soft luscious Balayage on my beautiful and loyal client Faye. She makes beautiful hair more beautiful 💇🏼‍♀️
Rosé all day 🍷✨
I wish I did a video because the photos don’t do the color justice. Fall in love with my icy cool blonde painted for Lidia. @lorealpro #mtp #smartbond #serieexpert #tecniart and #dialight were used to make this possible 🔥
🔥flames so hot, that they turn blue💙
✨🍂🍁so after years of putting level 6 red browns on Hayley she finally allowed me to begin the process of lightening her hair. This is the second round of lightening with Balayage and I️ love it! What do you guys ...
I am obsessed with the magic I worked on @thehirandthenow 😍 @lorealpro #mtp w/ 20 and 30 vol toner 9.12 w/ a splash of 8.1 in #dialight
I am so grateful to @minunagash for allowing me to change her locks I had a blast! Minu had been a Grey Balayage for years. But it was hard for her to keep up with maintaining it and the effects ...
❄️winter came early with this beautiful icy cool blonde. Inez was a virgin to color so this was such a treat! It took 2 1/2 sessions to create this look using @lorealpro #mtp w/ 30 and 40 vol mixed with ...
✂️🔥🎨 to create this look I️ used @lorealpro 15g 7.4 and 5g 7.43 On zone 1. I️ did a Bella highlight on zone 2 and 3 using 20 vol w/ mtp and toned her with 7.4 w/clear.🔥✂️🎨
Balayage refresh for my love @alisonw0nderlxnd
“Everytime you touch my hair it just gets better and better” that’s the type of responses I want when I lighten my clients. @lorealpro #mtp for the Balayage and #serieexpert #smartbond and #tecniart were used for treating and styling Mayra. ...
Goals 🔥
Katie went to a previous salon and was very unhappy with her results. Her hair dresser back home in Alabama found me on Instagram and suggested her to come to my studio. (I love social media it’s so magical!) When ...
I had such a blast creating this beautiful rich result! To create this look I used @lorealpro #dialight with 6.3, 7.3, 7.4, and 6.4. I love a blonde who’s bold enough enough to change🔥 #tecniart true grip and infinium where ...
Golden ✨Bronde✨
✨It’s all in the process✨
✨Fall is here but Rosé season isn’t quite over yet✨
✨Since the beginning of my career I always knew I wanted to have my own space. In June I finally decided to take the leap of faith and start working on creating my dream work space. Being able to have ...
I just love love love vivids! This color was soooo freeing! Nothing short of straight hairdreams 🔥ladies if you're in my cities please book your next fun vivid color with me ❤️ text (202)701-9421
I had a blast with this client! @lauren_131313 had been going to her stylist for a few years. For some reason the appointment before her wedding the stylist dropped the ball and gave her an orange streaky balayage.She was desperate ...
When your hair looks this fabulous. You can't help to do anything but smile. Book your next balayage with me 🙃

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