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Eggs are a staple for my morning meals (usually scrambled) but we tried something a bit different. DM for recipe. 👌
2 words: Angles & Lighting

I have this habit of making Fridays my "Arm Blaster" days lol. @coxryancox gave me a sweet tip for training arms.
"Instead of alternating between Tris & Bis throughout the workout, start with Tris ...
Simon says "GROW"!!!

I'm no where near the size I aspire to be but I take pride and joy in experiencing the journey to get there. That's the thing with bodybuilding; too many people view it as a destination ...
My little 2 week sabbatical from IG has been well worth it... a "social media" cleans, if you will.

Updates: My lower back is pain free. I'm back to my regular routine. And I've started my own 12 week ...
How much value do your goals have when they're stacked up next to all your "guilty pleasures"?
I'm talking everyday pleasures; sleeping in, spending that extra $2 on your favorite snack/beverage, watching netflix for countless hours...

Learning true discipline ...
I've definitely been MIA lately. I apologize... Life happened this week and I sustained a major lower back strain while working. My movement and activity is very limited. I don't plan on lifting anything until later next week.

However, ...
Let's talk "Side Tricep" pose.

While practicing my posing, I've learned that alternating my grip on this pose showcases my Tris in varying ways. The "Finger Grip" allows me to get a better rotation, resulting in more visibility of ...
"Good bodybuilders have the same mind when it comes to sculpting, that a sculptor has. If you analyze it, you look in the mirror and you say, okay, I need a bit more deltoids...so that the proportion's right, and...you exercise ...
Crushed Delts & Upper Traps this morning. Shoulder pumps are the best, hands down, no contest.
It takes time my friends! Decades, even. Literally, a lifetime... Good thing I absolutely love it!!

Oh, and the burning red on my lower back? My beautiful wife @ash_lynne_chase takes care of me and my aches and pains. ...
Although we route for @saints in this house, it was a good time watching Eagles beat the Pats tonight. What a game, what a game!! #superbowl52
Finished off arms with my personal favorite, Hammer Curls. Chasing that PUMP! 💪😂
Feeling real full lately. Can't wait to start prepping for my next show!

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@iconmeals has got it all figured out!

40g Protein in this bag. Can't get much better than that.

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Meal Prepping like a boss!
You have to be a special kind of crazy to not get sick of rice, chicken & beans every single day.

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Lifting heavy is easy. Lifting heavy for reps, not so much. Definitely stepped outside the comfort zone today!!

Today we start @krisgethin 's DTP 4 week program with a little customization of our own to fit our personal needs ...
I get PUMPED when I can see improvement in just one week!! I'm pleased with how far I've come, but not satisfied. Still digging deep and pushing hard to achieve the impossible.

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If compound lifts (specifically the big 3: Bench, Squat, Deads) are not part of your lifting routine, your shooting yourself in the foot!!



Most bodybuilders only have a hazy notion of what they want to look like. Take biceps for example; most bodybuilders only have a measurement in mind. 18"? 20"? 22"?! What they fail to do is visualize ...
5:00am: Waking up
5:15am: Meal 1 (pre-workout meal)
5:30am: Personal study
6:30am: Workout (training Chest, Delts & Traps)
7:45am: Meal 2 (post-workout meal)
8:00am: Start work for the day

Want to accomplish great things? What are you willing to ...
Excited to announce my affiliation with @olympiadagear !!
These guys have the sickest gym gear I've ever seen. Need new wrist wraps, knee sleeves, lifting straps? Go check them out!!

20% off code: Jchase
"Take it slowly. Be patient and, let your genetic structure guide you in building your physique. Pay no attention to other's bodies. They might be wider, taller or shaped differently, but you are unique and that's your advantage. The same ...
Tenacity is the mother of progress.

I am tenacious in every sense of the word. I know my goals, my desire to become, I know what drives me, what fuels my flame. I am DETERMINED to become the best ...
Workin' on that Quad-sweep (Vastus Lateralis). How? Lots of narrow stance lifts. Focusing on foot placement is key!
PRs going up like butter!! 410×1 eat big to lift big!! #roadto495

I'm currently accepting clients who want to work on their fitness goals. Whether it's weight lifting PRs, contest prepping, sport specific training, or just want to get ...
Reppin' for my team is what I do! #whodat #drewbrees
Rocking @nutrishoplogan 's new tank this morning!! #lookgoodfeelgood
Still bulking, no pump, testing the lighting in the front room. 😂

Chest and Delts are feeling a lot more full. Abs are still visible. Contest prepping this year?? You bet!!

Let's be real, chicken sucks... it's dry, bland & (when you've eaten enough of it) gets really old. My wife @ash_lynne_chase is awesome and turned a boring meal into something scrumptious! Eating clean food does not mean eating insipid food.
2017 in a nutshell!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for ALL of the love, support, and friendship that I've received.
2018 is going to be HUGE!!!
What better way to spend NYE than meal prepping, attending church, and spending time with those you love?

I like to spend 12-31 of each year reflecting on the goals I set that year. "Did I reach them all?" ...

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