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Bandits win 13-0!
Sneak a look at this new series I've been working on. Coming soon. #actingtips
...overshot the landing of a very cool jump at high speed.... overcorrect, over the bars, skid on face, bike lands on head. Honestly, not as bad as some auditions. #monday #striveforgreatness #bmx #acting #bookedout #wtp
Usually I win but sometimes the BMX wins. #ridehard #bmx And I guess it's as good a time as any to begin to hint at announcing this surprise secret underground upcoming series I've been working on. Stay tuned. We bleed ...
Bandits lose their home opener but lay the groundwork for big things this season. Don't wanna speak too soon, lotta games left to play, but this is a championship baseball team, no doubt.
Stay Awake. #drib #sxsw
New Mexico
Heading to SXSW for the world premiere of DRIB this Saturday. Stay awake. @drib.drib.drib
Pilot season
Time lapsing
Career update: I got this card in the mail from my mom. #acting #theactorscraft
Made a new friend at lunch.
Made a new friend at the store today.
Bandits end their playoff run with a tough loss in extra innings today. But there's always next season. Spring baseball starts in like a week.
Tomorrow. It's a big night for comedy and nothing else. Let's ignore the orange man together with my many jokes.
Farmer stuff
Dem boys
Kristmas music
1/2 the legendary LA indie improv team, Them Do This

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