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Happy Monday to all the haters!
Bandits take a tough 6-2 loss on the road for just their second loss of the season.
Happy Father's Day to my dad, the cruel Dr. Vanvonovitch. I know we didn't always see eye to eye, but thanks for instilling in me the grit and determination to pursue my dreams to the ends of the Earth, and ...
...was better than you at Halo 2. He was a dog whisperer/lover, musician, landscaper, and funnier than anyone I've ever known. Holy shit I miss this human.
Brand new episode of Acting Tips just dropped featuring special actor guests @jarshsimpson and his incredible dog Dre. Link in bio. #actingtips #acting #dogsofinstagram #setlife
Hopefully Steph lands on his feet, he's a nice boy. So cool of Mr. KD to come win it for those kids.
Bandits win 4-1 by forfeit after the Wolf Pack lose their cool. And the streak continues for the Boys of Summer.
We did it! Whew. Now I need a vacation. #actingtips Link in bio.
What!? A rare pressing of one of my top all time favorite albums. Recommend. Thanks @chrisstaplesmusic!
...realized I'd already posted the last picture, so here's another image from the latest episode. Link in bio. #striveforgreatness #acting #actingtips #bmx #wtp
Acting Tips Ep 5: Strive For Greatness. Link in bio. Go Cavs. #acting #actingtips #striveforgreatness #bmx #wtp
New music straight from the Ohio desert. Coby and the Prisoners: Candy Queen. Recommend.
Five game winning streak for the boys of summer.- Bandits win 14-2 on the road.
Acting Tips Ep 4 is now live. Link in bio. Like. Comment. Subscribe. I always read the comments. #acting #actingtips #klr #klr650 #thumper #explore #dostuff
We escaped.
Drop in to the latest episode of Acting Tips w special guest @captaindingbat! Link in bio.
Bandits win 13-3 at home in their brand new uniforms, move to 4-1 on the season. The winning streak continues.
BREAKING: New episode of Acting Tips with special guest actor @misterscottrodgers. This episode is long because it's very good. Link in bio. #acting #actingtips
Acting Tips ep. 1 w/ actor guest @barakhardley! Link in bio. Like and subscribe. #acting #actingtips
Bandits weather another storm 14-4. That, folks, is a 3-game winning streak.
Beautiful day for baseball. Bandits win 10-2 lead by the pitching of @jduvee and @tylerruinsradio
Theune. Theune. And Theune. When this guy takes you on a hike, bring emergency provisions.
A rare glimpse inside the process. #actingtips #acting
Bandits win 13-0!
Sneak a look at this new series I've been working on. Coming soon. #actingtips
...overshot the landing of a very cool jump at high speed.... overcorrect, over the bars, skid on face, bike lands on head. Honestly, not as bad as some auditions. #monday #striveforgreatness #bmx #acting #bookedout #wtp
Usually I win but sometimes the BMX wins. #ridehard #bmx And I guess it's as good a time as any to begin to hint at announcing this surprise secret underground upcoming series I've been working on. Stay tuned. We bleed ...
Bandits lose their home opener but lay the groundwork for big things this season. Don't wanna speak too soon, lotta games left to play, but this is a championship baseball team, no doubt.

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