John Boyd | @jozboyd

Glad midsommar, tikar!
My new car just got delivered. Too much?
As seen from the bike. The wheat fields of the Pays du Vexin, Normandy.
Expectation vs. Reality (pork version). Better that kids learn earlier than later.
As seen from the bike: Rothko in nature. Gonnereng, LU
Is it the weekend already?
Bonjour Paris...
As seen from the bike. Beautiful hot day on the Bords de Marne.
It's just too easy
Sunday ride with the boys
Jean-Jacques has been coming to Le Petit Vendone for lunch for 20 years. They gave him his own place, name permanently attached to the bar. Only in Paris.
Paddle board race on the Marne, île Fanac, Joinville
Trail run (hot forest action)
Trail run through the hop fields of Bavaria
Square trees. Totally natural.
It's like BUTTA, baby 😳
Canal de l'Ourcq
Adéu Girona
I'm shit at taking selfies
Free beer. Don't ask.
Nuns, Girona city center
Panta de Susqueda ride outside of Girona. Weird and fun and steep.
Girona city center at sunset
Pont de les Peixateries Velles, Girona, ES
Happy PI day 🖖🏼⛩🖖🏼

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