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little Cough Syrup with my 2 of my fave people :) happy 9th birthday to the most loving, crazy little brother. 9 years with you have been the best and i can't wait for 100 more! rock on Maddox!!❤️❤️✌🏼🎤🎸
Happy 18th birthday to the person who has been my best friend since day 1. I always talk about hating those super long birthday posts but I'm making an exception today!! I'm so lucky to have you as my big ...
Happy Mothers Day💕
❤ this shot!
I broke Pesach for this french toast so figured it deserved its own post😂😋😢
Happy #nationalsiblingsday to these 3 crazy people who have made me who I am today💖💖 (ft. some crazy throwback pics)
Missing Boston💙💙
Mood 24/7
Nyc doesnt look so crappy from the sky!!
1st post of 2017💃
We finally went to Burlington and they have everything including a view😂😉
Because I've been really good at not posting food pics on this acc😉😊😋
Fight us😈😱 #bathsheba
NYC is so dark and cold I wanna be back in FL
So excited for the holidays!😊
Happy birthday to my dad 💖💖your cutest and fave daughter ;)
Pad thai😋
(yea this was for photography lol)
Can't wait for next week!!!!
The food is back
#3yearswithoutcory 3 years without my hero. I am away from home right now and have no access to the other pics i wanted to post so this crappy old pic of a pic will have to do. In the end ...
Summer is here😊😊😊😊(just gotta not fail regents)

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