justine mae biticon | @justinemaebiticon

if you watched my story about my burberry coat, this is THAT coat (also thanks @meshkiboutique for making me look like the devil herself)
queen of hearts
homeboy totally like got it (but really though, thanks for inviting me and having me work with such an amazing LA crew @nikelosangeles πŸ’›βœ”οΈ)
casual yoga
i cant explain how crazy happy i am right now to show everyone these next few photos ill be posting. i put it in my hands to take control of my career and build myself into what ive always imagined ...
LA will always have my heart (and working with Nike always will too) thank you for giving me a chance to rep my city🌹❀️ ((BTW!! come to the nordstrom x nike century city event on october 12th so you can ...
been struggling with finding the motivation to keep moving up in my life especially with how busy ive been. many have told me that its so amazing to see me prosper at such a young age and i am so ...
some mad stretchin (for @nike only xoxo)
ready 2 die tonight!!!
how good? 🌹πŸ₯€
🌼🌸🌷lil portland angel 🌸🌷🌼
black prints
when you say a spongebob reference and they dont get it
get checked
tell me you love me
hollywood hills angel 🌟
lets get this party started
dark angel
guess what
surrounded by snacks
is it cool with you? 🌹
hey mtv welcome to my crib
thanks @foraycollective + @coverfx for the lil vacation 🌊(and thanks @shoptobi for making me look cute too)
@ canes sponsor us already
heyo chicago
lets talk about last night 🌹
work hard play harder thanks @nikelosangeles for the invite (especially bc of the food)

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