Juliana Herz | @juliherzz

Thanks to the sun now I can play a little game of connect the dots on my face/body 😬 #oops
Greetings from Venice and my double jointed elbows 📷 @valnovak
L'officiel in Morocco shot by @juliantorresofficial
By @juliantorresofficial outake of my shoot for L'officiel Maroc shot in morocco ♥️
L'officiel cover editorial shot by @juliantorresofficial ♥️
Chillin in style thanks to @virginhotelschi 😎
Dressed in @luckybrand 🍀 thanks for the fun party last night! #luckyxmusic
@kelleybakerbrows you're a genius and the only person I'll ever let near my brows 🙌🏾
Right before I stuffed my face with delicious Thai food and the best 🌽 I've ever had
Last summer...when I was so tan, and so blonde. Now I'm neither 🤷🏽‍♀️
The moment we realized our swimsuits matched our phones @amandapandapaige
D🍩nut disturb
This LA heat got me like
Tiny ass hands that look giant in pictures 👋🏾
Loved getting my hair pampered today. Thank you @justinanderson @dphue ♥️
Are throwbacks still only for Thursdays? Way too many years ago somewhere in Mexico when my hair was excessively long
He only wants me for my greens 🤷🏽‍♀️
The fact that women need to censor their nipples 😒 #freethenipple
My monkey and I were happy little mice this day @danielalopezosorio 📷 @dylangoodtimes
Coachella flashbacks 🌴
@williamlords // @junyahair // @moisesartnyc
Moroccan dream 🕌
Dream team ♥️ ph: @williamlords hair: @junyahair makeup: @moisesartnyc
I really couldn't figure out a caption for this 🤷🏽‍♀️

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