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My sweet girl is two months old, can time please slow down!? She is so peaceful, she helps me slow down, like her Daddy. And yet I can tell she wants to move, explore, and learn, so much like Kenz. ...
Pool dayzzzzzz foreva πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰
Her Daddy and baths...her two favorites. I'm pretty sure this photo is now my favorite ❀️
Birthday brunch with this babe 😍
We had the honor of witnessing a new union last night! So beautiful, congratulations on your new adventure #zebandmag
It's Fri-yay, the start to my birthday weekend, and Dan has a wicked stache!
The way she looks at him sums it all up....and although he just became a daddy to Gracie just over a month ago, he has been an amazing father to all of these kiddos. Daniel I'm so proud and grateful ...
I swear she was just born yesterday... seriously I blinked and she is a month old already! She has gained 2 lbs, smiles at mommy and daddy, can roll from her back to her side. Is in love with her ...
Hehe! Lil' Miss Gracie thinks my Dwell + Slumber dress makes a good hammock! I think she's right ☺️ Also, how is she already 3 weeks old!?!
Made a tiny friend walking on #grantstrail today ☺️ you guys, she walked right up to us, she was still all wobbly 😬 more in my instastories!
This boy turned 7 the other day! I found this picture hiding in my email archives. It was taken on his 3rd birthday. Geez, The time really does fly! And so much has happened since this was taken. Most recently ...
How cute are my boys?!? Today is Dan's first day back at work since Gracie was born. And I just have to brag on how amazing he is and what a great job he has done taking care of us ...
All tired out after her first bath, her hair is my favorite ever! I just can't get enough of my Gracie Jo ❀️
This little doll...every time I asked her if she was going to wake up this morning, this is the smirk I would get! 😍
A tasty lil Gracie Burrito πŸ˜›πŸŒ―
This is how I'll be spending my Saturday... apparently she's STARVING πŸ˜† I don't even mind a little bit ❀️
Yesterday brought us the most perfect 6lb. 6oz. gift, with a head full of black hair! Gracie Jo you are already so loved ❀️
Mackie picked this bouquet for me yesterday, inspired by my tattoo ❀️ And my man comes back home to me today!!!
So technically waffles aren't baking, but does it count if they taste just like paleo banana bread?! Also feeling every bit of #37weeks #sotired
No big deal, just a giant slice of watermelon with balsamic reduction, mint, watercress, pinenuts, and feta. @katiespizzaandpasta never disappoints! And the weather was a perfect 70 degrees for dining on the patio. πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Saturday morning work vibes! ✌🏻 this gorgeous table sold yesterday. To achieve this finish we sanded down to the original wood, used @generalfinishes winter white glaze, sanded a little more, then used @anniesloanhome finishing wax in clear. Might be my ...
A few weeks ago I got to be a part of a photo shoot for @lifechurchwomen #hereandnow2017 conference. I had so much fun, got to know some amazing ladies, and got a few maternity shots to boot! #35weeks πŸ“·cred: @zebstambaugh
So we pretty much skipped winter this year in STL. And after weeks of temps between 60's-70's we woke up to a dusting of snow. And Hazel is not mad about it! ❀️ #germanshorthairedpointer #gsppuppy
Juicing for the weekend while I sit cause #31weekspregnant and my feet are swollen ☹️ Hoping all the veggie goodness here will help bring the retention down. But we are getting so close now! Midwife said today that she is ...
Some of the latest #thriftstorefinds 😬 fringe-y throw blanket, 100% organic Indian cotton tassel pillows, sweet lil tapestry foot stool, which I think will come in handy for late night feedings. And a handmade pottery bowl! I just love how ...
Headed to brunch, to start off a day of celebrating this wonderful mans birthday! πŸŽ‰
Friday got me like πŸ’ƒπŸΌlove this kid! Totally reminds me of Cohen πŸ˜†
Enjoyed exploring Cherokee St. this weekend. This is from @flowersandweeds I could spend a ridiculous amount of time and money here. Everything is gorgeous!🌾
I'm getting all the snuggles today and I don't mind one bit! #germanshorthairedpointer
Keeping it simple this morning, since I'm fighting off what feels like the beginning stages of a cold. So Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care tea and this delicious paleo carrot cake granola I whipped up last night. Using the left ...

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